ImDOntai Reaxcts To GTA 6 Trailer after thinking it was a troll

ImDOntai Reaxcts To GTA 6 Trailer after thinking it was a troll

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41 Responses

  1. @silcoego2859 says:

    Shit was hilarious seeing him not believe it was leaked and then officially released 😂

    • @askredditstudios8055 says:

      Romans 10:9 because, if you confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved.11

    • @Bozopack says:

      Bro how he reacted was fuckin hilarious lil bro no cap

  2. @azrael_morningstar says:

    I like how he included the fact that he thought it was a troll.

    • @joshuawilliams4314 says:

      If u look at gta 5 it’s clear that they were going too have too do it soon the engine is struggling I hope they remove npc driving into you as I hated that

    • @TheHellRanger says:

      i was smiling hard

    • @not_vnknownartist7369 says:

      @@joshuawilliams4314that was for a reason and shouldn’t be on next gen consoles, it was bc ppl were going faster than the map can load so they triggered the npcs driving into you to slow you down

    • @wilko9396 says:

      @@not_vnknownartist7369 Also why the cars are so slow compared to real life

    • @mayankgupta9978 says:

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  3. @solaradity1777 says:

    Moment of silence for all the gamers who never got to experience this moment.. 😔

  4. @ConsumptiveSoul says:

    Let’s pay respect to all the people who passed away over the years waiting for GTA 6

  5. @user73483 says:

    The story looks like its gonna be more serious this time around. I just wonder how realistic the story is gonna be. GTA4 in my opinion is the peak of story writing. GTA5 was fun but the story was more US parody.

  6. @Kickinthescience says:

    No other gaming franchise has more hype and power than GTA

  7. @SaltinneeYT says:

    this playthrough is going to be legendary

  8. @HelloThere-rf4iz says:

    im happy we were here together to witness this with eachother ❤ love you guys

  9. @sauzzy7446 says:

    10 years in the making for the best game ever

  10. @jordan2735 says:

    It’s weird to think gta 6 will be the first ever gta an entire generation of kids will play for the first time

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