Survive 100 Days Trapped, Win $500,000

Survive 100 Days Trapped, Win $500,000

This video got crazier the longer we kept filming lol
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46 Responses

  1. @MrBeast says:

    Subscribe for a chance to be in one of my future videos!

  2. @SHREY_YT says:

    At this Point, Mr.beast can create his own GTA 6.

  3. @fullsendabeerforme2988 says:

    You could honestly do this challenge over and over with different people and id continue to watch them all

  4. @aimesonking9166 says:

    It’s hilarious that at any given time Jimmy just has people all over the place being held hostage for money 😂

  5. @hakimalasatyr says:

    It’s so wholesome that they ended up doing the right thing. Well done. They deserved it!

  6. @Richard11110 says:

    Would have taken that private chef in a heartbeat. Eating well for 90 days is worth 25k each and would make it so much more bearable

  7. @Joshua12450 says:

    That TV move was genius, making an antenna out of just wires is incredible.

  8. @lakelol says:

    How does this guy come up with these social experiments? He makes them VERY interesting! ❤

  9. @hakimalasatyr says:

    It’s crazy how much effort he puts into his videos, he has my respect.

  10. @bartekstarosielnik1103 says:

    There is absolutely no limit to Jimmy’s creativity. Amazing content man👌🏻

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