FNAF VR 2 Like Mexican

FNAF VR 2 Like Mexican

Five Night’s at Freddy’s Help Wanted 2

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Edited by: Oli B – https://twitter.com/Oli_B_VR

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30 Responses

  1. @PastelOC says:

    Just what I need today.
    A Mexican screaming at non existent creatures in a vr game.

  2. @ryanwalker-kluske1442 says:

    Bruh, I swear, Eddie is the best VR man out there…

  3. @swagalicious9345 says:

    Time Stamps
    1:37 Trisha just staring
    6:51 Karen attacks (Jumpscare)
    9:15 Coincidence?
    12:42 Freddy’s Eyes Popped Out
    13:06 Boop = Mouth Wide Open (OoO)
    13:19 Funny Clip
    13:33 Freddy Jumpscare
    17:30 Funny Clip
    20:04 Piggy Jumpscare
    24:52 Paloma Jumpscare

  4. @ShadowTheR0gue says:

    Nice to see Eddie doing it his way and focusing on quality rather than racing for views and numbers. It shows how much he cares for his fans and just how strong his work ethic is.

  5. @itz_kanh says:

    Eddie being scared is amazing, i literally dying of laughing

  6. @bozo_brainz says:

    Eddie uploading these on his own time instead of rushing and pushing content out as fast as humanly possible is one of the most respectable things I’ve heard all year

  7. @HeisenbergFam says:

    Eddie showing clips of FNAF from 3 years ago is nostalgic, what a Mexican mad lad

  8. @Chloe_Ann4 says:

    Anyone else crying because he’s carrying on with this series and for years you’ve been re watching the old ones 😭😭

  9. @JusIssac says:

    Seeing Eddie finally doing this series again makes me happy, I can’t wait for him to upload more “five nasty a** fools” VR videos ^^

  10. @pokey7116 says:

    9:15 got me laughing! just look at eddie when he does it. trust me!

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