Sydney McLaughlin-Levrone DOMINATES for 400m National Title, near American record | NBC Sports

Sydney McLaughlin-Levrone DOMINATES for 400m National Title, near American record | NBC Sports

Sydney McLaughlin-Levrone won the women’s 400m national title in 48.74 seconds, nearly breaking the American record en route to making her first 400m flat Worlds team along with Britton Wilson and Talitha Diggs

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Sydney McLaughlin-Levrone DOMINATES for 400m National Title, near American record | NBC Sports

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48 Responses

  1. YP2016 says:

    She’s accomplished so much to only be 23 years old.

  2. Four Seasons says:

    I’m almost speechless…only five races in after a long absence and already running under 49.😳 Sydney is not only getting better in the 400, there’s no doubt she’s going to lower the 400mh record.

  3. Sanjog K. says:

    She’s cuts 1 second each time she runs! That is crazy! If anyone’s capable of breaking the WR, it’s her!

  4. Shazzar Kallie says:

    Sydney McLaughlin-Levrone 48.74 WL MR PB almost broke the American Record (48.70) and is the 10th fastest woman in the event all-time. I have no doubt Sydney will one day break the 48 seconds barrier that has only been broken by two performance-enhancing drug users of the early 1980s. Sydney might be the first woman to run 46 seconds in the 400m judging by what she did to the 400m hurdles WR. Sydney’s Bible verse: Proverbs 3:5

    • OG Mahonwu says:

      i totally agree with you on everything! those top 2 times shouldn’t be counted anyways, and we’re already seeing real talent with the way Sydney McLaughlin-Levrone is handling business

    • DINS says:

      Who were the two that used peds?

    • Aceofaces says:

      This is only her 4 or 5 race of the season 😮

    • Kevin Kasper says:

      I disagree.
      There is no event where runners experience more pain than the 400 hurdles/flat.
      When Sydney broke the World’s Record in Tokyo two years ago, she said the pain was so much more than she had ever experienced that she sat on the track “paralyzed” for a few minutes as her mind and body continued to process and experience it. (Smash your thumb with a hammer. A minute later you’re still going through that pain experience.)
      When she talked about this it was more than a year after the Olympics. The way she spoke about it you could tell she was still too scared to feel that much pain again.
      And now today she experienced it again. She literally couldn’t get up for almost four minutes.

    • Michael De La Rosa says:

      Ok chill out with 46 second bud
      She has to get to 47 first 😂

  5. TX Bill says:

    I’m not a huge track & field fan but I WILL tune in to watch Sydney run. She’s special like MIchael Johnson was special.

    • Phillip Hobbs says:

      Very valid point!!

    • Unknown X says:

      You know Michael Johnson, I’d say you’re a fan, lol.

    • M S says:

      track is great. everyone always complains about how womens sports are not as exciting and mens. but that is not true in track. there are very very intriguing races across multiple events. especially when its at worlds. i cant wait to see the womens 100m clash at worlds this year. its gonna be epic

    • Chad, Don says:

      ​@PeteZam Racing is definitely a sport where male and female are equally exciting.

    • Luis Vizcaino says:

      @Chad, Don agree

  6. Matthew Reel says:

    Not only a great athlete but a great role model for young girls. As a girl dad, love to see it 🙏💯

  7. pinkeeluvr says:

    I love how humble all these young ladies are. You don’t see that a lot these days. Very level headed and truly inspiring in every way ❤

    • speedoflite1 says:

      Young, humble, famous, athletes are only human. Experience teaches us (Flo Jo, Marion Jones). We all make mistakes. Personal decisions that drive us mad. Beware the pedestal. To build them up, only to knock them down when they fall.

  8. Bella Jane says:

    To think this is her first professional season running the 400m. All sub 50 races. 48.74 on only her 4th race. How legendary is that! 👏👏👏

  9. CatBug says:

    Not only does she run like a world champ but she acts like one too. What a greate example for young girls everywhere!

  10. Ambassador Ausar says:

    Sydney might be the most intense track and field athlete of all times. Her face had transformed before the race into someone I didn’t even recognize! Amazing.

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