Taliban spokesman tells BBC ‘no revenge’ on Afghans – BBC News

Taliban spokesman tells BBC ‘no revenge’ on Afghans – BBC News

A spokesman for the Taliban has told the BBC’s Yalda Hakim “there will be no revenge” on the people of Afghanistan.

Suhail Shaheen called the presenter live on air. “We assure the people in Afghanistan, particularly in the city of Kabul, that their properties, their lives are safe – there will be no revenge on anyone,” he told her.

“We are the servants of the people and of this country.”

Many Afghans fear a brutal return to the regime of the 1990s, which was characterised by public executions, stonings and girls being banned from school.

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41 Responses

  1. Sana Rahman says:

    Twenty years ago, YOU can’t even imagine a Taliban “spokesperson” speaking to international media.

  2. DR VÅMPIRE says:

    America + Nato success in Afghanistan is that Taliban has learnt English 😃

  3. Ydna Llah says:

    I feel so sorry for the families of soldiers killed and injured (mentally and physically) in this complete fiasco and waste of time, money and lives.
    Tony Blair needs to swing for this

    • Picoman Bungace says:

      @Plague Doctor James Painshe US citizens had absolutely 0 say in the fall of Afghanistan. But go on and continue to spew your nihilistic bullshit. It seems you’ve got at least 4 people who like your shitty opinions.

    • Reda says:

      @Plague Doctor James Painshe every country has a military. Citizens enlist to serve their country, learn a trade not necessarily to participate a pointless war

    • Fu*k NATO North Atlantic Terrorist Organisation says:

      Fuck them

    • 날아라치킨 says:

      @ali ali yes now Taliban will kill off anyone like women kids and etc. Poor citizens


      @H who gives a damn about those you enlisted? This is men’s worId

  4. Max Murphy says:

    Congrats to the American tax payers
    Here’s the bill for 7 trillion dollars.

  5. Marc Siste says:

    On July 8, Biden said that “the likelihood there’s going to be the Taliban overrunning everything and owning the whole country is highly unlikely.”

  6. putmyname ontheinternet? says:

    “When the crusaders leave we’ll take our country back”
    -the Talibán, (i think in) 2005

  7. Jalil Parker says:

    “A peaceful transfer of power” The president already have them that when he decided to run should’ve been like the jarl of whiterun

  8. M saad Farrukh says:

    2001: we do not negotiate with the terrorists.
    2021: Talibans do not negotiate with us.

  9. Amjid Khan says:

    President Ashraf Ghani: “Won’t worry guys, I have a plan.”

  10. kritspoherson says:

    Biden is the weakest failure, its so bad it almost feels like hes failing on purpose!

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