The Odds Of This Happening Are 1 In 12,728,144

The Odds Of This Happening Are 1 In 12,728,144

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35 Responses

  1. RealPitstop says:

    Respect to Jimmy keeping us entertained during the off-season

  2. Matt says:

    Respect to Draymond for pulling off the 8 point play, simply incredible.

  3. EpicNova12 says:

    These videos are cinematically gorgeous. Pure art. Never stop what you are doing, Jimmy.

  4. Sideline Films says:

    That 7 point play in last year’s Finals had me pissed as a Celtics fan. Almost lost them the game, but I was still fascinated at how a 7-0 run was made in 13 seconds. Never knew about the 8 point play though. Good find, Jxmy.

    • Dre says:

      Im even angrier seeing it again, horrible call

    • Help me get 1k subs with no content says:

      @Dre haha L, dubs are just better

    • katana karajiwa says:

      @Dre it was a good call, steph could’ve ended up with an ankle/leg injury cause horford didn’t give him no landing space

    • SunsetSwings says:

      it was an amazing call hordord didnt leave no space to land so steph could of got injured badly kind of how kawhi got injured and didnt get the call in 2017, that was a terrible call obv a flagrant but that call was superb@Dre

  5. Trash says:

    “Draymond attempts to do the impossible…by trying to get the refs to overturn the foul by yelling in his face. This does not work.” Had me rolling.

  6. Ché Breadner says:

    Jxmy has perfected his formula to such a degree that I half-believed he would continue the video with some 9 point play that happened in the 70s

  7. Gevi Margate says:

    I’m actually amazed at how good Jxmy is at storytelling..

  8. channelstatic says:

    Correction: Larry Bird actually hit 3 clutch shots in the game you are referring to, he hit the 1st that was waved off due to the timeout call, then a 2nd after the timeout to tie the game and send it to overtime, the he hit a 3rd and final clutch shot in the second overtime to seal it. the date was November 7, 1987 bird finished with a staggering 47pts 8reb 7ast 2stl & most importantly 3 clutch shots to ice it. L3g3nd.

  9. JulianD93 says:

    Jimmy is too good at this. Gives me the original 30 for 30 vibes 🙏🏽🙌🏽

  10. Alex Wirtz says:

    The time and dedication that Jimmy puts into researching and creating these videos goes far beyond what any other singular sports journalist does in mainstream media today. It is absolutely outstanding and every video is a banger. Keep up the great work Jimmy and the rest of the Highroller team (if such a thing exists). Thank you for creating what should be award winning content purely for our entertainment.

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