Team USA’s Suni Lee Wins Gold in the Gymnastics All-Around | CBS Sports HQ

Team USA’s Suni Lee Wins Gold in the Gymnastics All-Around | CBS Sports HQ

Congrats to Sunisa Lee on her all-around gold medal!

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36 Responses

  1. Marvel 2722 says:

    I’m just going to say it. EVERYONE ignored her and heaped praise on Biles and Chiles. She was treated like an underdog even though she was second in skill only to Simone. I am so glad she finally gets the spotlight she deserves. Never seen a gymnast perform her best routines when the pressure is so incredibly high. Today was the best performance of your life, Suni.

    • docsafari says:

      It was far from everyone who ignored her. Millions were inspired by her amazing story and her family’s and her Hmong people’s story too. Her story is heroic and epic, and that was not covered up by Simone having so much coverage.

    • Alicia McDonald says:

      Never saw a gymnast perform when the pressure is so incredibly high? Well you must have came down in the last shower. Suni did FANTASTIC! Leave others out of it because they do not have ANYTHING to do with Suni’s accomplishments today.

    • The One The Lord Loves says:

      Simone Biles left coz she was losing. Clearly people missed her start. She performed poorly and knew that it was going to get worse.

    • Jeff Strickland says:

      @Neng Mua Suni was magnificent, I just don’t understand all the hate towards Simone, that’s all.

    • docsafari says:

      @The One The Lord Loves A very odd comment (to say the least) from someone who has chosen the name you have. You don’t believe that she was psychologically troubled and not able to perform for those reasons?? All of her teammates believe her, and so does the entire world of great athletes.

  2. ElRayadoÉlite says:

    This is a Start of a New Star. You go girl!!! Proud of you.

  3. shadefor1 says:

    She thrives on pressure. So glad she won the gold.

    • Natalie Marie says:

      And she has been extremely consistent. I didn’t want to get my hopes up too soon, but I knew a gold medal was a very likely possibility for her.

    • Susan Urban says:

      Yes, she does thrive on pressure. You can see it every time she comes out to perform. Biles should have stayed home and Suni should have been the team leader. That girl delivers under extreme pressure. She’s a true champion..

  4. TheRamdonVid D says:

    The beauty of United States of America where different awesome talented athletes from different ethnicities delivered golds medals for the country!!

  5. Andy Donovan says:

    It was sad when she fell out of the podium at the 2019 world championships. But now she got what she deserves. I’m happy for Sunisa Lee.

  6. Johnny Parker says:

    She’s so determined! I’m so happy for her and also for her family. She’s just quiet throughout the competition but it’s shows in her eyes that it’s a showtime for her and that is the true heart of a champion. Congratulations Suni!

  7. RayaRay says:

    More proof that Biles was not the end all be all of the American team. All of those girls are amazing and Suni just proved it. So happy for her, her Team USA, her family and her community (Hmong people). That’s 5 Olympics in a row an American has taken the all-around title, and 3 in a row it’s been won by an American minority. So proud of her!

    • shadefor1 says:

      @RayaRay Not to discredit Biles but during finals every minute mistake is being deducted. If Simone made the same mistake during the finals, she would have been silver or bronze. I don’t think Simone can handle the pressure if the scores were tight like today.

    • Tony G. says:

      First off it’s funny how we are all so called Americans during times of the racists entertainment or during wars but were back to being under the devils expectations which is insignificant any other time when it involves the recessives devils and their views again she doesn’t own you nor this country a dam thing and by the way they score her low when eveyone else can’t do what she does we know all golds and performances are not equal hey

    • D-alan Do says:

      @Joyce Pino Shut up Joyce! You probably don’t have an athletic bone in your body…

    • Tony G. says:

      Well rayray if we as a people back out of it all together this country wouldn’t really win much of nothing o I give you swimming so get the eff out here

    • D-alan Do says:

      @RayaRay People hate when someone is good at their sport, especially when they dominate. The haters always come out of a hole spewing sewage when issues arise. Walk in her dominate shoes and see what real pressure is.

  8. Angie G says:

    People need to stop taking Suni’s spotlight by bringing down other gymnasts. Suni went out there and gave it her all to get gold, so let’s celebrate her!

    • David Edwin says:

      @Caramel Queen These people are losers. Have you noticed that successful people rarely criticize others like these people are doing? They are don’t have anything better to do. They would find someone to hate no matter what happened.

      I don’t like that Simone pulled out, but I will not make a big deal about it. Especially after Simone Biles has represented the USA better than any other American gymnast in history for the last 5 years. I don’t know what’s going on with her, but she’s earned the right to be given the benefit of the doubt. But, Lord knows, the pressure of being the face of the US Team is a lot.

      I suspect a lot of this hating on Biles isn’t even about what they say it is. Many of these people seem to have ideological agenda that they want to push, and her dropping out is just the vehicle to push it. These people are toxic.

    • Joseph Kingsford says:

      @Caramel Queen We don’t owe that QUITTER anything. Only a member of the court jester community would think anyone owes a QUITTER anything.

    • Caramel Queen says:

      @David Edwin YEs…..they are very unappreciative of what she has done and sincerely attempted to do for the US team. No need in arguing with these fools. I hope Simone can feel the love and concern from her true fans. Great assessment of these creeps.

    • Soglossy Tv says:

      Angie, im with you.So proud

    • TravisBowieCrockett says:

      oh shut up

  9. WILDEATS says:

    They say Sunisa was likely the underdog, but look at that…. THE LIONESS!!!!!

    • Susan Urban says:

      Suni Lee was awesome and delivered under extreme pressure. I watched a short news clip of Lee and her father yesterday… he built her a balance beam in the backyard of their house so Suni could practice when she was a child. Her Dad must be so proud of her. Suni is a true champion.

    • WILDEATS says:

      @Susan Urban indeed a great story!!

    • bernard martin says:

      Underdogs win too.

    • WILDEATS says:

      @bernard martin absolutely, even better story to tell when they do!!!!

  10. C JANVIER says:

    Hmong people helped the Americans fight the Communist during the Vietnam war. She is a great example of her brave tribe. And as an American proudly contributed even more to our nation. Great job , Suni!

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