Tears of the Kingdom Dungeons are FANTASTIC

Tears of the Kingdom Dungeons are FANTASTIC

After escaping the great sky island, I walkthrough the wind temple, the lightning temple, fight a gleeok, find the hylian shield, and some other stuff

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36 Responses

  1. SmallAnt says:

    I’m streaming in 6 hours from now if you want to watch the next part live btw 👀

  2. koen de waal says:

    This is the way how anyone should play a game, you set a goal then ignor it because you saw something interesting

  3. NAME NAME NAME says:

    9:37 just to be clear, this was answered in BotW. In the final cutscene, we see the spirits of the champions (and the king) disappear, so they can no longer offer their assistance with their powers. So no Ravioli for you in TotK

    • Jimbo says:

      In case anyone was wondering like I was, they also dismantled all the ancient technology like Guardians and Divine Beasts

    • lYcronix says:

      @Jimbo i did, but like how and why? The plot hole is pretty big and i am kind of disappointed at that
      Edit: Also, they didn‘t bother to rebuild central hyrule one bit but dismantled every ancient technology for whatever reason?

    • Jimbo says:

      @lYcronix  its a major point that they we’re rebuilding all of Hyrule. The Castle and Castle Town are nothing but ruins, the cleanup would take a very long time so they just built a new town outside of Castle Town. I’m not sure how, but they dismantled all the Guardians for parts to better their society, SkyView towers being one such example.

      But at the end of they day, it’s Zelda. There are some assumptions you have to make, and it’s not going to make perfect sense from our perspective

    • Sman Gaming says:

      In the true ending of Botw, Zelda and Link journey to Vah Ruta. It’s said that something is wrong with the divine beast. Perhaps the ancient tech just went back into the ground.

    • Kjell Goldstein says:

      @Sman Gaming wdym the true ending? How do u get that?

  4. Tophrii says:

    Im loving this series. I hope it continues until ant finishes the game.

  5. MrThatGuy says:

    Tulin is literally a shonen protagonist, saving the world with the power of friendship at the age of 10

  6. litten says:

    I really love how big the space and possibilities are in this game. It really puts the “open” in open world.

  7. Batteryboi2 says:

    Tears of the Kingdom single handedly destroying the presumed lore that Skyward Sword Link and Zelda founded Hyrule

    • Kevin Wu says:

      Then again, it could just be that Demise returned again and they rebuilt hyrule… again

    • No time for creative names just for games says:

      Yeah like, didn’t they create hyrule? It may be that they created a village and the zonai created the kingdom.

    • Kirsch says:

      We need a The Legend of Zelda: Timeline explained

    • Midnight Bloom of Eorzea says:

      ​@No time for creative names just for games yeah, if you think of it logically, they never stated they were setting up a Kingdom, just that they should name the land after the events of Skyward Sword. It would for sure take a good amount of time to get to a state where a political structure could even be implemented.

      Though that begs the question…

      If TotK’s past takes place after Skyward Sword with the literal first King of Hyrule, then this Ganondorf predates OoT Ganondorf (and was sealed away while that one kept returning). If this is the first King of a rebuilt/reborn Hyrule then it’s a new Ganondorf regardless, but one long after the other one.

      My personal theory is that they are retconning the Downfall Timeline to not be based on an arbitrary Link death in OoT but instead this backstory, making it a completely separate branch where TotK’s ancient past is the events that happened instead of OoT. This making the two Imprisoning Wars the same, and this Ganondorf the source of Calamity Ganon, which is also simply the Ganon from the Downfall Timeline games.

      Basically, Skyward Sword splits to either OoT or TotK’s ancient past. OoT leads to WW, TP, MM, etc while TotK’s past leads to A Link to the Past, Oracles, the original Zelda, then eventually BotW and TotK itself.

      Of course I could be wrong and this game simply serves as a soft reboot/makes all the old games only partially canon by making them literal legends.

    • DaSaiyanTV says:

      The Zelda timeline literally never made any sense at all once you stop to think about it, Nintendo just acted like it did after some underpaid intern was probably tasked with making one for Hyrule Historia.

  8. Alex Stokoe says:

    Huge respect for the effort Smant is putting in to get these up 🙌

  9. no trolling says:

    I missed Smallant uploading Zelda. I even rewatched all old ones before TOTK came out xD!

  10. EdgarAllenBro says:

    It’s unreal how many shrines can be solved with Time Reverse. It may not be efficient or proper, but it makes me feel like I gamed the system.

    • Logan gomes says:

      Man I solved about 5 of the 30 shrines I’ve done with the time rewind just because I didn’t know how to do the shrine the intended way. Such a fun ability

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