I didn’t remember much on how I grew to love his content, but I remember knowing him through my brother. A few days before the Mr. Beast duel, I remember him asking me who would win. Me knowing Dream more than Techno, I had chosen the former, and my brother the latter. After that, I watched Techno’s analysis of the duel, and his methods of telling a story in a witty humorous way is what captivated me and it just spiraled from there.

I grew to love him even more during his grand entrance in the Dream SMP, and it just continued as he became one of the major characters in it and had impact the lore so greatly. I was so excited to draw him in my next animatic: ‘The Fall’, because I liked drawing him in the ‘Techno vs Dream’ animation, and more importantly, I can also continue the lore of Techno’s hair design haha.

On November 16, after a huge lore stream, I tweeted out if any of the Dream SMP members could message me if they have any available clear audio that I can use. The only person who ever approached me was Technoblade, and was so considerate to make a separated recording of the entire stream which was so awesome!! Especially that so many people was just talking over his epic speech. What I find funny is that despite the recording having no game audio, and other people talking, I could hear the classic clicking of his keyboard that might have been louder than him in some moments.

On that same month, he became one of my patrons and I remember just fangirling so much. I didn’t know how to thank him because I was still very anxious about messaging larger creators, thought my way of appreciating someone is through gestures. And so ‘Hog Hunt’ was made, which was pretty centric towards his character that he plays. I tried to be not as biased and give most of the members their moments, but this one’s an exception haha.

After that, I made a few MCYT animations and slowly fell out of the fandom, although I would rewatch some of his videos that I really liked, such as SBI related content, Potato War, and videos with Skeppy. I would look up in some of Techno fanarts because they had the most creative designs of his character and I’d love each and every one of them.

Despite me slowly moving out of the fandom, he still continued to support me through patron. I did felt bad because of it, especially that he was going through a tough moment at that time. He did stopped, and it kind of felt weird that I was relieved. But I believed he needed it more than I do. That was the time I finally decided to send him a proper thank you message for everything he did. Not only did he supported me, but the rest of my family and my relatives.

That was a few weeks after the unfortunate news, I was having a break out of the internet loop, and so I had to hear it from my brother. I was in denial for 3 days and heck even now. I felt so regretful that I might not have thanked him soon enough. And yet I can’t help myself but admire how despite what he had been through, he remained the cool, witty and funny person that he had always been even to the end. And the impact he left with everyone is now louder than ever. He had helped so many of his audience even if those actions can’t be seen by many, he still helped so much anyways.

So with all that, let me say this again:

Technoblade, Thank you so so much. For the laughs. For the wits. For the skill. For the content. For the inspiration. For the community. For the friends we made. For the kindness. For everything.

If he ever read this, I bet he’d cringe. Good.

Farewell. Live on.

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27 Responses

  1. EvanMCGaming says:

    Incredible as always. It’s videos like this that will keep his memory alive forever

  2. Austinite074 says:

    Welp, I’m tearing up. Technoblade’s presence in the MCYT community is undeniable, and he will be missed.

  3. I'm a cup says:

    I swear this made must of us cry,I kinda hear him saying : “imagine being in survival cringeee!!” I think we should be happy that he is in a better place now….

  4. Mr Milktray Man says:

    It’s kind of weird, it didn’t really sink in that Technoblade was truly gone until I saw him finally walk away from the computer. I think part of my mind was convinced that he was just taking his time uploading as usual, even though I watched his goodbye video. This animation gave me a closure I didn’t know I needed. o7

  5. Ikar Aviator says:

    Wow, that ending was unexpecred yet even deeper than him just looking at the island. I rewatch his videos and measure every word he said. Now we have to shoot for the moon, do not give up and appreciate every single thing, learn and respect to some day be allowed to the same heaven he awaits us

    • Ikar Aviator says:

      @wHy ar3 y0u Ga3 At least I really like it. That’s for sure. Thanks

    • wHy ar3 y0u Ga3 says:

      “Shoot for the stars so if you fall you land on a cloud”
      We must shoot for the absolute best so even if we fail, at least we end up somewhere decent. I think Techno would like that quote

  6. Toxic says:

    I really loved how he started his skyblock mini series with this, like I’ll never be able to write a speech that fricken good.

    • Random thing's says:

      @Nyx “I’m having fun….. I dropped out of college for this” – technoblade, the art of potatoes

    • The BlOb says:

      that’s an English major for you

    • yawahtAsickname says:

      “Skyblock teaches us that no matter how ridiculous the odds may seem within us resides the power to overcome these challenges and achieve something beautiful”
      Within you resides the power to write something as beautiful as this one day

    • ̅ says:

      He made bullying people online into a career. That’s how badass he was.

  7. apzorloled says:

    I can’t even begin to describe how terribly sad this tragedy is. He has inspired millions of people and made many more smile.

    A memorial for him is held on Hypixel and in any main lobby you can also write to Technoblades family any kind message you wish. We encourage you to do so to spread the love around.

    Technoblade never dies, he still lives on in the lives he has touched. Thank you for bringing millions of people joy

    Rest In Peace Technoblade you will never be forgotten and your legacy will never be forgotten you have touched and inspired many people TECHNOBLADE NEVER DIES!!!!!

  8. Cenk Play YTB says:

    Technoblade never dies , LEGENDS NEVER DIE.

  9. salamanstir says:

    all of his highlighted achievements and wonderful memories with his skyblock speech animated into a thank you video literally brung me to tears. I’ve watched this like 13 times now

  10. avngliie says:

    The attention to detail here is amazing. How Technoblade’s hair was short at the start, and how it grew longer towards the end. It also shows the journey in time that Technoblade went through, us being at his side the whole time. Who would’ve knew that a man behind a screen could’ve saved so many lives before his own ended?
    Rest in power Technoblade,
    You were, and still are loved and never will be forgotten.
    Technoblade never dies. o7

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