Terence Crawford Dethrones The Breakfast Club, Talks Tank, Canelo Álvarez, + Errol Spence Rematch

Terence Crawford Dethrones The Breakfast Club, Talks Tank, Canelo Álvarez, + Errol Spence Rematch

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39 Responses

  1. Esn3akz says:

    I been a Crawford fan but how can you not be a fan, the man is humble and genuine.

  2. Kobbie Afriyie says:

    No expensive big chains, no flashy cars, no talking a lot and moving with celebrities—–Just a humble hardworking boxer—–Bud is a role model for young people all over the world.

  3. Sofancyxyz says:

    He’s so laid back and humble! I’ve been rooting for him for years. I’m happy for him.

    • David Johnson says:

      He got like that recently but his reputation is being a live wire one day his story will come out

    • NAMAN says:

      Crawford inspires me.. My parents said if i get 40K followers They’d buy me a professional camera for recording..begging u guys , literally

  4. Geez Junior says:

    “ if I can’t believe in myself, how are you supposed to believe in me” Crawford is the embodiment of that quote!!

  5. Toya Stevens says:

    Been a fan of his and I’m so glad this interview happened. He is very humble and definitely a beast. People been sleeping on him for a long time

    • KingDavidPsalm144🤴🏾 says:

      Yes now haters like my dad trying to say he was juice up and paid the refs and stuff that he was taking drugs to get strong a day before the fight. He like Floyd Money Mayweather will never get his respect

  6. kiva Bolton says:

    NO Jewelry, NO Talk , All Business, Crawford a Calm Killer 💪🏾🥊

    • Gospel Keys Academy says:

      Underrated comment 🔥

    • Mace Windu says:

      Feel like that’s why a lot of people don’t support him or like him because he not like the rest! He actually carries himself as a professional and champion 🫡

    • jtmz87 says:

      @Mace Winduhe respects the sport and he respects his opponent. Given their difference in talent if this had been Floyd he’d have trashed talked like Floyd did to Gatti. But he needs to sell his talent more cause I knew he was going to win, but like most I just didn’t expect such domination.

    • Jeremiah Elliott says:

      💯 Authentic, humble, and focused. A champion’s mentality.

    • GH Sense says:

      Yep whenever a black man make money he think he gotta go out and buy jewellery from the Arab , Jewish or Asian man at marked up prices

  7. PodKash says:

    This was a good interview. Answering the Boots questions in depth. Shutting down the Tank conversations. Acknowledging how toxic the boxing community is because of unnecessary bias. The Bud Crawford era!

    • Burburry.J says:


    • MaskedMan says:

      Tank vs Bud was never gonna happen. Tank is too small and he’s not competitive enough to ask for that fight. People took that interview where he said he would beat Bud out of Context.

    • MaskedMan says:

      Also I don’t like the idea that he says Boots does nothing for him? Like he’s your mandatory just beat the guy. Why would Jermell do anything for you if he moves back down in weight and probably loses to Canelo?

    • El Town says:

      When did he shutdown the tank convo?? He said he would!! 😂

    • PodKash says:

      @MaskedMan Charlo is an undisputed champion at 154. He will be a PPV star after the Canelo fight win or lose. Boots is a mandatory but so is Rocha, Thurman/Crowley and Stanionis.

  8. Nyhna Law says:

    Being from Omaha and knowing this man from around the city…..i can’t even stop crying. I am so mf proud of this baby. Him and Steven both!!! I am sooooo proud of these men! 😩😩👏🏽👏🏽

    • Nicole Allen says:

      Steven is my son Anthony Metoyer cousin they all grew up together..Yes very proud of these men..

    • Pharoah1 says:

      This most definitely cements Bud’s legacy as one of the greatest fighters of all-time, but also as one of the most famous and celebrated men of Omaha, Nebraska alongside Warren Buffet and Malcolm X.

    • Pharoah1 says:

      You guys must begin a campaign to get a street named after Terrence Crawford.

    • Domo Hzzy says:

      @Pharoah1he already has a street named after him a couple years ago

  9. Smoke and Chill Podcast says:

    This guy is a official professional at his craft and I truly respect his gift.. great interview

  10. Andre Decoteau says:

    This man deserves everything. He has been humble his entire career.

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