Terence Crawford On Beating Spence, Tank Davis, Eminem, Being Blackballed + Next Fight

Terence Crawford On Beating Spence, Tank Davis, Eminem, Being Blackballed + Next Fight

Over the weekend, Terrance Crawford faced off against Errol Spence in a decisive win for the Undisputed Welterweight Championship.

“Bud” discussed his post fight meal, walks us through Saturday’s blockbuster fight, his journey to this moment, how he was able to get Eminem to walk out to the ring with him, and more.

The Omaha, Nebraska native also discussed who he wanted his next fight to be against, whether we would see him face off against Tank Davis, does he think the Jermell Charlo fight would happen, and when his automatic rematch clause against Spence would mean another fight between the two before the end of the year.

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37 Responses

  1. HeyBro says:

    He’s FINALLY getting the love and recognition he deserves.

  2. Dog Bastardly says:

    I’m a Spence fan but how can you not like Crawford? A wonderful fighter and human being

  3. MrBishopdman says:

    I’ve always respected Crawford and acknowledged his superior boxing skills, but leading up to this fight and after the fight, I have even more respect for this guy!!!!! Keep doing you Champ!!!!

  4. Chris Sharp says:

    I’m an Errol Spence guy, but it’s no reason to make excuses. Bud showed why he’s undisputed in two weight classes. Give him his respect! Much deserved. He’s gained a fan in me on Saturday.

    • YourBoyBenjamin says:

      I only make excuses when Bud fanboys become disrespectful acting like Spence is all hype and discrediting what he’s achieved
      Otherwise realistically, there shouldn’t be excuses and Bud was the better man

    • DopeboysofAtlanta says:

      You just now learning about bud???

    • YourBoyBenjamin says:

      @DopeboysofAtlanta which other fight has Bud won that way and destroying his opponent’s face, especially a 3 belt holder?
      Not to take away what he’s accomplished but he’s now widely recognized as the best cause of what he did, that’s why he needed to take that fight cause that’s what everyone wanted, they were the top two welterweights.. a different division from his past!

    • Unbiased Boxing Talk says:

      ​@YourBoyBenjaminFelix Diaz he did the same, and tbh there both pressure fighters and the same thing happened, same round even

    • Dirty James says:

      Errol gained a fan in me funny enough. He seems an alright guy I can’t lie.

  5. LRD BAS says:

    It’s actually a breath of fresh air to have someone in the public as humble as he

  6. Jordi El Nino Polla says:

    Humility is a beautiful thing. Bud giving props to Errol makes me love him even more. He’s a great ambassador for the sport. All blessings for you Bud.

    • True Cutz says:

      Shut up love him even more shut up girl

    • King Billz says:

      It’s funny how everyone hopping on the Terence Crawford ship, I wanted everyone to keep the same energy I been knew Crawford would win 5 years ago and the ppl who couldn’t see his actual skills need to not give their opinion in boxing

    • Dirty James says:

      I really like Bud, but I can see why Floyd’s brashness garnered more interest than him. Even negative interest of wanting Floyd to lose. Bud is just too calm and softly spoken. He doesn’t even speak with a sense of menace. He’s not flashy at all and is a little boring to listen to. Even as a fan.

    • King Billz says:

      @Dirty James na he ain’t boring at all cuz when he speaks he means and stands on everything he says, he always keeps it real and that’s what makes me wanna listen more

    • Dirty James says:

      @King Billz bro I relate to him a lot. I respected him for how he conducts himself from the first time I became aware of him. Similar to Usyk. But I zoned out a few times in this interview.

  7. Adewale M says:

    I was rooting for Spence and still i am, but Crawford has earned my full respect! Great champion 👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿

  8. TripSe7en says:

    Can’t help but respect Bud. Humble outside the ring, killer inside the ring.

  9. Infinite Wisdom says:

    Huge Crawford fan. He’s a very humble dude. He deserves his shine. One of the greatest ever! 💪🏾

  10. Signature Services says:

    Still can’t believe this man make Spence look like a straight amateur. just an absolute masterful performance. Definition of an undisputed champ.

    • Mark E says:

      It seemed that way, the pro and the amateur, no disrespect to Spence though, he had to beat 3 world champions to get to where he was, and despite taking a beating he showed a lot of heart in this fight.

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