Mark Cuban: “And for that reason I’m out”

Mark Cuban: “And for that reason I’m out”

On the floor of a warehouse, Bobbi talks to her birthday twin and billionaire Mark Cuban. Although Mark politely declines to invest in her podcast or career, the two of them find common ground over their shared inability to digest lactose and love for Target.

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48 Responses

  1. Johnny says:

    The fact she’s got a literal billionaire sitting on the most uncomfortable floor I’ve ever seen doing a podcast is huge.. she’s going places

  2. ThisNameWasTaken says:

    The more money a guest has, the more talkative Bobbi becomes. That’s hilarious 😂

  3. Subby says:


  4. Erika Kullberg says:

    This is the only podcast I’m watching religiously now

  5. Stephanie Reacts says:

    The fact that mark is focused on a company that he doesn’t make any money on just to help people get affordable medication is amazing😭

    • Caroline Lewis says:

      At a certain point money becomes worthless to those who have an abundance. I love when people focus on doing good rather than just flexing

    • Lauren BYT Lupian says:

      Kinda makes you wonder what all these billionaires who don’t do good with the wealth they have put their time and energy into??!!

    • Caroline Lewis says:

      @Lauren BYT Lupian sex cults and things we can’t imagine

    • Ivan Rakov says:

      Oh you can believe he’s making money off of it. 15% margin is healthy for most businesses. Their competitor has recently been valued at a billion dollars off a $300 million funding round. Just because he hasn’t taken investment money, doesn’t mean he won’t ever sell it.

      What’s amazing is that he can make a buttload of money and still help people get affordable medication. Which just shows how scummy and profiteering the rest of the drug manufacturers are.

    • Clinton Johnson says:

      Real talk lol

  6. I'm Mr. Meeseeks. Look at me! says:

    Mark has cool teacher/coach energy and that is why everyone likes him. He’s like the kind of teacher that you think might join the students on 4/20 skip day and play frisbee golf.

  7. Jeffery James says:

    The fact that Mark Cuban was willing to sit on the floor for the whole interview shows how real he is.

    • Dee Jones says:

      He been in Dallas he humble 😂

    • Young chopp says:

      best owner in the NBA 🐐

    • FoxyDrew says:

      I hate how important people get praise for NOT being total bags of donkey turd. He’s acting like a sensible human being, you don’t get any points for that.

    • Edward Long says:

      How do billionaires have such a low bar to hit? Really guys? He’s sitting on a floor being a regular human being. Something anyone else would do and u wouldn’t think twice. People fucking worship money I swear it’s disgusting

    • MXN 8 says:

      @FoxyDrew Kinda weird to be pissed off about someone being praised. Who is it harming?

  8. Airik Lee says:

    Bobbi is on the road to having one of the biggest podcasts ever.

  9. Michael Baumstark says:

    I didn’t know Mark was doing this other medical business and I applaud him for that because it is such a great mission.

    • killerRED09 says:

      Helps out a lot. My wife is on meds 2 meds daily and it went from being about 200 for 3 month supplies to 20 dollars 🙌🙌

  10. Natalie Ortiz says:

    While I was a receptionist at CBS Radio Dallas, Mark came in to talk on the sports station. I led him up to the studio, we talked about the Mavs and he offered me tickets to the home opener, gave me his email and asked his assistant to give me more tickets for the next game too. He’s the most humble celebrity I’ve ever met at that job.

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