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The Golden State Warriors defeated the Los Angeles Lakers, 129-125. Jonathan Kuminga led the way for the Warriors with 26 points, 3 rebounds, and 3 assists, while Stephen Curry added 18 points, 3 rebounds, and 4 assists in the victory. Austin Reaves tallied 16 points, 3 rebounds, and 3 assists for the Lakers. The Warriors improve to 2-0 in the NBA Preseason, while the Lakers fall to 2-2.

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31 Responses

  1. Golden_eye21 says:

    Kuminga’s development has been amazing. I’m glad Warriors didn’t give him up.

    • LeFraud has 6 Final Losses says:

      So glad LeMickey got LeSwept

    • Jomz tv says:

      ​@LeFraud has 6 Final Losses😊

    • Human on Earth says:

      He’s looking sweet!

    • Grievous says:

      Kuminga is a certified hooper now, his defense is still questionable because it’s inconsistent, he wasn’t putting in effort on the defensive side tonight. Rare Turnovers from Cp3 won’t happen again so we chillin with that, I need Wiggins to LOCK TF IN on defense he was losing assignments on back door cuts and was just letting people have his way with him, also Lakers won’t be hitting all those 3’s when it REALLY matters, Klay well he needs to stop chucking shots other than that, we still lack size and obviously need it but Saric does make up it somewhat and Im REALLY IMPRESSED with Bpodz, he’s a certified hooper, steal of the draft and he should be getting pt he don’t need no Gleague. Other than that out bench lookin way more deep compared to last year, if our bench can be somewhat better than last year’s we adding 7-8 more wins to our total from last year so around 51-52 wins which should be around the 3rd seed to 1st seed range considering how stacked the west is, all the Warriors need to do is be a top 3 seed and we good. Great effort all around though!

  2. Ethan Ashcraft says:

    I love how they left the rookies in for the end, really fun to watch them play

  3. Jared Bravo says:

    Lakers starters won first half

    Warriors bench won 2nd half
    Good pre season warm ups both sides showing much talent ⚡️🏁

    • Lilquan says:

      Bench vs G league

    • Almalyn Damaso says:

      ​@Lilquanhahaha u’re right! Mostly players that played from the fourth quarter are rookies. Actually, they are good.

    • Nebuchad Nezzar Tan says:

      @jaredbravo1939 bro what are you talking about? The main core of the Lakers won the 1st 3 quarters. They just lost it when the team starts to play their rookies and the 2-way players. And btw the warriors clearly had low key beef with the lakers cuz they didn’t want to lose that game against them even though it’s just a pre season. Playing kuminga is like playing christie lols but anyways the warriors can take that W it doesn’t matter anyways LOL

    • Spread Love says:

      Great game! So excited for my lakers man!

    • XxepicmasterxX xx says:

      ​@Nebuchad Nezzar Tan😢

  4. Ares14 says:

    Ball movement about to be next level if the Warriors can stay healthy.

  5. Alex Amerling says:

    Can’t believe how much depth we have now. Go Lakers!

  6. J.P. Morelos says:

    Not gonna lie, both teams showed a competitive back and forth spectacle even in the pre-season. I love the second units of both teams! Would love to see them both in the play-offs.

  7. Ken Housley says:

    As a True Warriors Fan I’m thrilled as far as what I see and I don’t care because it’s pre season!! I’m sitting here yelling watching the highlights like it’s a playoff games from the rookies and Typical Warriors Playstyle ❤️❤️❤️

  8. Jammal Loiseau says:

    This game looked like it benefited both teams benches. It showed how both teams reacted in close games. Sure since its preseason there was no pressure, but there was a little tension. Really good for both teams.

  9. Gavin Hebert says:

    Love the impact I’ve been seeing from Trayce Davis. He’s gonna be killer for pick and rolls with that second unit, and another shot blocker too to help out Looney Tunes and Draymond.

  10. Pablo Ruiz says:

    As their first preseason past days ago, their second rematch preseason with the Golden State, and the drafters with team captains was a new fresh start.. great job win to the Golden State. Also, shocks everyone’s on mind that CP3 joins the Golden State Warriors was a new start of his NBA season career.

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