The 2024 Toyota Land Cruiser is Smaller, Better Off-Road, & WAY Cheaper!

The 2024 Toyota Land Cruiser is Smaller, Better Off-Road, & WAY Cheaper!

( ) Check out our new spot to find ALL our content, from news to videos and our podcasts! This is the all new 2024 Toyota Land Cruiser. In this video we review the new 2024 Land Cruiser, show the outside, inside, engines, and everything you need to know!

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40 Responses

  1. M N says:

    Putting the vehicle aside for a minute, can we give Tommy credit for the excellent one-take review? If you have ever recorded a video, you know how difficult this is. Well done, man.

  2. The Internets says:

    I love how big the wheel wells are. Lots of room for bigger tires.

  3. Mitch Stein says:

    I love this. It’s such an 80’s/90’s look, but a modern interpretation. Simple, clean, rugged. Thank goodness they didn’t over stylize it and make it so busy looking. Even the seats look like they came out of the 90’s. But in a good way. This is just, yes. Great job Toyota.

    • Charles says:

      I agree. Thats the one problem with the new Grenadier. It’s like they did everything they could to make it expensive. From the tests I’ve seen so far it performs well but an off roader or over lander doesn’t need to be a luxury vehicle. This new Land Cruiser looks like it gets back to basics. I like it. I wish Jeep would do the same thing. Make a Rubicon a package instead of a trim. That’s why it costs so much. I don’t need the luxury i need the drive train.

    • carbonking53 says:

      If it was simple it wouldn’t have a hybrid powertrain and lots of electronics that can fail. The Land Cruiser was originally about true simplicity coupled with durability which this is not. All these bells and whistles are not what a true off grid overlander needs. This is nothing more than a Range Rover with a different brand label to appeal to the yoga and Whole Foods suburbanites.

    • Jeremiah Mckenna says:

      Looks are in the eye of the beholden, and I am not beholden to the plain, under styled, zero character body design of this truck. It blends in with everything else on the road and does not stand out, extremely recognizable, like every other LC before.

    • deeppurplefan says:

      Neutered Land Cruiser Pareto for $70K++ street price? Riiiight.

    • Mitch Stein says:

      ​@carbonking53as Tommy had mentioned in the video, Toyota does extensive research and really engineers their products well. Prius has had a similar hybrid system for years and has been proven to be reliable. I’ll take the power and MPG.

  4. Flatlander Gear says:

    Tommy, you’re killing it. You have a bright future ahead of you.

    Also this version will probably be 75K after markups. This market will be completely unreasonable for at least a few more years.

    • Jack McRoberts says:

      so just buy the GX550. A lot of lexus dealers around me dont do mark ups

    • Darkendbeing says:

      Toyota does not look kindly on mark ups and are much more successful at squashing dealerships that do markups than the domestic manufacturers are. The dealership I work for will only mark up ones we have on the lot and it’ll go no more than 1-2k total. We did markup a supra upon release to something stupid like 130k but that was to prevent it from selling and it had to have a price (we still have it as intended)

    • James Kocks says:

      @Jack McRoberts lol the GX will probably be around 75 after TTL. i would just wait for them to get the gremlins out a couple of years and just get one used or at auction.

  5. 1guyin10 says:

    This is actually a good size for off-road. In particular it would be about right for overlanding. It shouldn’t take the aftermarket long to figure out how to stuff at least 35s under it.

    • humblesophos says:

      They took one from the Land Rover playbook and built an “off-roader” with 30” tires 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

  6. Fernando Viso says:

    Love everything about the new Land Cruiser. It’s very practical and down to it’s roots. On the other hand, nothing in this vehicle is screaming starting price of $55k. I understand these are the new car prices, but it’s a tough pill to swallow when spending $55k on a basic off-road vehicle with a couple of goodies. Just my thought, but I really like the first look

  7. Jake S says:

    Starting price in the mid 50s is a definite step in the right direction, but I have a feeling that after a few options and destination/freight, you’re still gonna be $65k+, which is way out of my price range still unfortunately. Excited to see what the new 4runner brings eventually.

    • Lorenzo Sorice says:

      And no dealer will carry a base. Also looking forward to 4Runner…assuming it follows the same design language and stays starting at ~40k

    • Scott Oliver says:

      Move along, move along..

    • MTEN14 says:

      @Lorenzo Sorice would honestly be surprised if there is another 4Runner…but I think this misses the mark on the price. If the base started in the $45k range, it would be far more enticing. I’m just not seeing a $55k car when I see the base model

    • Chris X says:

      I’ll get a Landcruiser or 4runner if it comes in manual. Otherwise Tacoma!

    • Lorenzo Sorice says:

      @MTEN14 I get what you’re saying, but it’s capability is essentially a TRD Pro 4Runner. If the base was stripped more and started in the 40s…it would definitely encroach on the 4Runner. I think the 4Runner will stay the slightly smaller nibble offroader and the larger LC will be more ideal for overland with it being slightly larger/comfortable.

  8. Richie P. says:

    Tommy has become the premier TFL show host. He’s smart, articulate and passionate about trucks. He did an excellent job describing the capabilities, the pros and cons of the Landcruiser.

    • Kevin Villanueva says:

      I love when he hosts the podcast too. straight to the point. other hosts sometimes talk about random things for 10-15 min and I get lost. Tommy is very dependable and intelligent. showing love to Tommy from a fellow gen z guy!

    • onlinmrine says:

      Yeah and you can tell he actually is a car guy showing interest in all types of vehicles not just new cars

    • The Fast Lane Car says:

      Thanks! -Tommy

  9. Colorado Mallcrawlers says:

    Excellent job Tommy! Man, those tire wells… I’m impressed! 6000lbs of towing, “affordable,” ladder frame, solid rear axle, and a standard rear locker on all models (what?). Definitely want to see more. I could see this as the first non-Jeep I buy… will definitely test drive!

  10. BetweenThePines says:

    Bravo Tommy on the walk around. You make an ex salesman blush.

    This is EXACTLY what people want! Im digging this 1958 base. Its everything you need and nothing more. I think the aftermarket will absolutely make this the next best off road vehicle. Ive been a Jeep guy since I turned 19 and almost 20 years later, might actually make the jump to this. Bravo Toyota for giving us passionate off roaders something we deserve!

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