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  1. Laurie Gonzalez says:

    Val looked so happy talking about everything she felt before the proposal and when she first saw the sign. i’m so happy for y’all !

  2. Alyssa Ignacio says:

    the fact she couldn’t stop talking in the car says she’s so happy. congratulations you two! 🫶🏼🤍 GOD IS GOOD

  3. Danlai M says:

    I love that you guys included the after part in the car of val asking all the questions! This is the sweetest engagement

  4. Sasha C says:

    No because Jayco thanking God for the ring and how everything fell into place just made me cry. That’s so sweet. 🥺

  5. lexus solis says:

    The proposal will be memorable forever but just imagine the wedding ❤️

  6. Cinthia Martinez says:

    Them chills is the Holy Spirit! This union is blessed they found God together I’m so happy for y’all praying for y’all🫶🏽

  7. Kim🦋 says:

    2:42 their bond is more than friendship, they’re BROTHERS & it’s crazyyyy & amazing how much their bond has grown even though they barely hangout now b/c they’re in different moments of their life, when they’re all together you can feel the genuine emotions it’s so crazy how we can see and feel it through a screen🥹🫶🤍🤍🤍

  8. Tatiana Avilan says:

    Y’all talking about it in the car was so sweet 🥹 I’m so happy for y’all!! The world can tell y’all are soulmates 😭 I’m older than you guys but i see so much of myself in valentina & i could feel how happy she is. She deserves every bit of the happiness and love she’s receiving 🥹

  9. jess zalez says:

    The part when he’s explaining about how they got the ring had me in tears. God is good!

  10. Gary Ramirez says:

    It is so satisfying to have been apart of this chapter in your life! This November will be my one year anniversary of finding yalls channel and so much stuff has happened since. From you guys getting an apartment to getting married. Congratulations Jayco and Valentina! May God Guide your marriage!!! 🙏🏼 🎊

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