The Closing Ceremony DELIVERED! | FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022

The Closing Ceremony DELIVERED! | FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022

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The opening ceremony included performances from Manal, Balqees, Nora Fatehi, Rahma, Davido, Ozuna and GIMS.

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37 Responses

  1. Arkan TV says:

    Thanks FIFA Thanks Qatar Thanks All Teams

  2. Noelia Michelle says:

    Fue el mejor mundial que pude ver, lleno de diferentes culturas y muchas emociones, con selecciones que sorprendierón, una final de infarto, una hermosa ceremonia de inaguración y una ceremonia de clausura muy buena

    • Giovana Lozano Orbegoso says:

      Tienes razon todo sano asi debe de ser el deporte es sano y nos dio la leccion esa cultura de Qatar que son pura diciplina y eso se aplaude .hermozo todo y su cansion hermozo y a los otros artista agrandado que rechasaron ni se los extraño y fue lo mas bonita cansion supero a todossssss 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰

    • jhonny deep says:

      Primer mundial q lo veo completo del primer al ultimo partido fue hermoso

    • x 1 says:

      @A. Hernández que payaso tonto

    • A. Hernández says:

      @salim sawandi sin alcohol, y si te ven ahí te meten en la cárcel. Es lo que tiene una cultura “civilizada” como esta

  3. Islam Deen says:

    The beautiful mix of Arabic singing, filled with English and French, Hindi and bits of Spanish and African culture is absolutely crazy. Qatar really has put out an amazing show and prepared an amazing World Cup for us!! Indeed football brings us together, but it also teaches us that we should be respecting and accept each other’s culture with it’s values and norms. The opening and ending of this show were both incredible <3

  4. Abdul Mateen says:

    Without a doubt this is the most dramatic, thrilling, jaw dropping World Cup full of Surprises, awesome come backs and Joy. The finale was perhaps the best ever in the history of World Cup. Just one word Thankyou *QATAR*

  5. Carlitos Gonzalez says:

    Aunque Puerto Rico nunca ha participado en un Mundial de fútbol pero es interesante ver como hace 24 años Ricky Martin fue quien cantó La Copa de la Vida y en esta edición Ozuna participó. Felicidades a Argentina y a Francia por ese tremendo partidazo dieron ⚽️🇵🇷🇦🇷🇫🇷🇶🇦😇

  6. morino x9 says:

    This world cup has made me speechless , best world cup i’ve seen in my life so far , all i can say is WELL DONE QATAR!

    • Somayeh Khatibi says:

      @Giselle V My claim doesn’t support other countries’ corruptions and brutal acts. I just wanted to express my concern of the horrible story behind this magnificent event! I am very much familiar with Qatar government and the history of their corruptions.

    • Somayeh Khatibi says:

      @sam al zid I do not need to rely on media on this, as an Iranian, I am very much familiar with Qatar government and their corruptions!!!

    • Somayeh Khatibi says:

      @Lila Daud I know media is full of hypocrisy and I think you need to see beyond the surface and who benefits from this event. Of course everything was great on the surface as it should be, since it is going to bring huge amounts of money for Qatar government and FIFA. Go and check all the limitations, harassment and aggression of Qatar government on Iranians and LGBT communities. As well, as an Iranian, I am very much familiar with Qatar government and their corruptions. BTW, I am a lady, I am not your Bro!

    • sam al zid says:

      @Somayeh Khatibi the thing is there were never 6500 workers , stop believing the western media . the real numbers are less than 1000. still this is tragic but how many wokers die in the building sector in the span of 10 years in your country ? i dare you to look the stats of death due work accident in your country and other countries , you will find that in qatar actually the numbers much less than any western country or 3rd world countries like india , pakistan , bangladish.

    • Giselle V says:

      @Somayeh Khatibi As if thousands of immigrants haven’t died by the hands of European countries…

  7. Edwrd Mobil says:

    Before the world cup .. lots of plp were afraid of Qatar being the host country But now i think everyone should agree that this version is literally THE BEST WORLD CUP i have ever seen in my life .
    Thank you QATAR , very proud of you ❤️❤️🇲🇦

  8. Mónica Aparicio Alcázar says:

    ¡¡Muchas gracias Qatar por este espléndido Mundial 2022 y todas las emociones que vivimos en este Mundial 2022 , nos sorprendieron varios de los equipos!! Y recordaremos todas estás sorpresas de Qatar 2022

  9. Karlita Andrade says:

    Gracias FIFA gracias Qatar fue un mundial increíble lleno de emociones, alegrías y con culturas diferentes pero con un mismo corazón gracias por este mundial que fue histórico que jamás olvidaré

  10. Faos Music says:

    *_Señores que final mas emocionante tuvimos, una locura absoluta de el mejor futbol del planeta. Nos despedimos y hasta el próximo mundial, siempre recordaremos estos temas que representaron estos encuentros tan emocionantes_* 💪

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