The Creator | Teaser Trailer | 20th Century Studios

The Creator | Teaser Trailer | 20th Century Studios

“This is a fight for our very existence.”

The Creator arrives in theaters September 29.

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42 Responses

  1. Paul Gonzalez says:

    I absolutely love when studios make high budget original Sci Fi films like this.

  2. BrooklynVlogs says:

    Been awhile since I got goose bumps from a trailer. Actually looks like something worth going to the theater for. if the movie is half as good as that rendition of Aerosmith’s dream on, it’s going to be truly Epic.

  3. Derek Skinnell says:

    looks cool, hope they don’t mess it up. Would love a modern, original, high-budget, scifi trilogy that is well written and acted all the way through.

  4. JellyWalker says:

    Been a fan of Gareth Edwards since Monsters. It’s been way too long since Rogue One, it’s awesome to see him come back with something so huge, and original.

  5. Louis Sivo says:

    This looks really great. I love the epic feel of it. Can I say it, risk the thought that this could be my next big favorite science fiction film that is actually an original property? Oh please… Can’t wait to see this.

  6. JTReviewsPlus says:

    This has a lot of potential! It reminds me of Neil Blomkamp’s sci-fi work. Absolutely love this premise and I appreciate how visually stunning it is; the cast looks great too!

  7. rito says:

    While watching I was under the impression this was based off a novel. But it’s actually an original film, which is a breath of fresh air in cinema. We need more movies like this.

  8. Rid Z says:

    This will be a HIT. The production quality, environment, actors, plot. It has it all. Im sure the SFX and music will be amazing too. Really have high hopes for this.

    • 601 Studios says:

      I couldn’t tell you the number of box office disappointments that had good production quality, environment, actors, plot, SFX, and music. Hoping it doesn’t turn out like that, but if I was a betting man, I’d put money on this not making it’s money back

    • in facts says:

      You better cause the last few minutes this kid made have tanked including tenet which was granted due to the pandemic, he needs a hit. Can’t be living in Dad’s shadow all the time

    • Adam K says:

      The most important part is that it looks like proper scifi by someone who loves and understands the genre.
      Disney totally lost the track with Star Wars and this trailer shows that Gareth understands it.

    • Meine Welt des Entertainment's says:

      The music came from Michael Giacchino. The Guy who made the score of The Batman and The Planet of the Apes triology. So yes the music will be amazing.

    • TrollaSico〠 says:

      This is going to be a flop just like tenet

  9. Hunter Bartley says:

    I really, really hope this movie is able to move past just being an action movie and explore the philosophical implications of an ai race. I doubt anything will ever do what Nier did, but I feel like there could be some special things here. Looking forward to it.

  10. TweegyBlink says:

    It fills me with joy to see studios invest in original Sci Fi films like this one.

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