The First Day of School Be Like

The First Day of School Be Like

The First Day of School Be Like


the first day of school is hype and dookie at the same time ngl

I appreciate you so much for watching
love you gangalanche 🥰🥰

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35 Responses

  1. DJ Sid Official says:

    I graduated 5 years ago, I shouldn’t be watching this but Chains always makes these funny and entertaining as hell.

  2. The pigeon man says:

    This man never runs out of stories, im starting to think half of these are hallucinations from him getting high

  3. teenee says:

    this guy’s narration has gotten so much better overtime. he’s coming up with original jokes, his delivery and tone is super entertaining and engaging, and he transitions every topic seamlessly into the next. good shit Chains

  4. AcidA$h says:

    As someone who graduated 4 years ago all I think about is how much easier adult life is. So I don’t think I’ll look back and remember fondly. Adults always tell you owning a house and paying for taxes and a car is so much harder when your young. But the day I finished high school was the day I could start being happy

  5. janninanni301 says:

    You already know the week is going to be fire when Chains drops the most relatable video at the perfect time 🔥🔥

  6. BlueApple says:

    This guy is so funny, he made my day 10x better

  7. Giga John says:

    You know its a good week when chains uploads💯

  8. Baaren 64 says:

    We need to tell the younger kids how important school really is. I cry a lot a lot thinking about my past memories, you really need to make the most of middle school.

  9. Dexter says:

    Chains really arrives at the biggest moments fr.

  10. YKR Good (Mr. Good) says:

    How is this dude so hilarious, but yet speakin straight facts at the same time. I love your videos bro

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