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53 Responses

  1. claudthetoad says:

    I love Dawko so much. His ability to make a two minute trailer 35 minutes is insane. He’s as passionate as ever !!! 😂😂😅😅

  2. One2Many says:

    Something about Gregory’s words seem very…off. During Security Breach, he seemed very brave. You could hear the fear in his voice, but he still managed to get through his situation pretty courageously, in spite of what he was going through. But here? He’s incredibly scared, and asking Cassie to save him? It almost sounds like a completely different character entirely.

    • GmmBeast says:

      Well he had a giant robot on his side in the beginning. Now, i think Freddy is broken/trapped so Gregory is now all alone.

    • BiggyToon says:

      Gergory could be injured and or very weak and vulnerable as we know that during the end of SB the place fell to the ground… something could’ve injured him

    • Hirose Koichi says:

      Or he’s evil

    • Swirlshine says:

      Exactly what I was thinking! His personality seems more timid and panicked than in SB, and he’s really making it a point to stress that his rescue is urgent. I think something may be mimicking him in order to lure Cassie in!

    • Jewls says:

      I bet it isn’t really Gregory and it is actually glitchtrap or the mimic using Gregory’s voice to lure Cassie

  3. Lucas Lockhart says:

    I believe the footage at 17:16 shows gameplay of Gregory. Throughout Security Breach, Gregory holds the flashlight, camera, and fazer blaster in his left hand, indicating his dominant hand is left, when Cassie appears to be holding things with her right hand, indicating her dominant hand is right. This has led me to believe we will be switching gameplay between Gregory and Cassie throughout RUIN.

    • TheDoodlingDemon says:

      Going back and looking I feel this really is the case, not only because of the hands switching, But Cassy has painted green fingernails and that hand doesnt!

    • Powerful Gamer137 says:

      @TheDoodlingDemon true

    • Cryspx says:

      But at 13:56, it shows Cassie holding a flashlight in her left hand and the device thing in her right. You can see her fingernails are green too. Maybe she just holds the flashlight in her left hand and everything else in her right.

    • V1510N says:

      Which I think is a really nice touch

    • KipsterMc says:

      Not to mention I think the hand model used in that shot looks identical to Gregory’s hand model in the base game

  4. Declan Cross says:

    I think that last character has gotta be what Glitchtrap was trying to make Burntrap look like. The face shape is much smaller than a typical animatronic, like Burntrap’s was, and it definitely seems like it’s a version of Burntrap with Glamrock Bonnie’s aesthetic. Maybe if you use Vanny’s mask too long, he starts coming after you to possess you! It could be like the Fazbear Frights story with the Ballora glasses (Come Closer, I think??) where every time you put the mask on, he gets closer. So you can only use it a few times throughout the game before he gets you.

    • Arkeyan Valentin says:

      The story of Fazbear frights with Ballora is called: “Dance with me”.

    • Declan Cross says:

      @Arkeyan Valentin yeah that was it! The only one I ever clearly remember is “in the flesh”, because of… yknow, the incident

    • Arkeyan Valentin says:

      @Declan Cross Yeah. I don’t want to talk about it. Too much for my innocent heart. But, well, if that character at the end is Glitchtrap, then I was right. Glitchtrap is not a virus, he is the new physical form of William Afton.

    • Declan Cross says:

      @Arkeyan Valentin sorta? I think he’s the MIMIC AI that has just learned to become William. Real William deserves his UCN fate forever, so I think this is just an AI that’s slowly evolving into becoming William.

    • Arkeyan Valentin says:

      @Declan Cross Impossible. Glitchtrap has been confirmed to be William Afton. He is William Afton. I saw that he escaped UCN.

  5. Shaymin Skyforce says:

    Man, I have so much to say. But I’m so glad to be a fnaf fan. I just want to say a big thank you to Scott and everyone working on the DLC and the movie. You’re all the best.

    I have two theories about Casey. My first theory is that she could be Gregory’s sibling. But that doesn’t seem likely. Although, it could be possible that they got separated from each other in the streets if they are siblings. The other theory I had is that it could be Vanessa’s daughter. A bit of a stretch but hear me out. We don’t know Vanessa’s canonical age, so she very well could be at an age where she could have a child. And maybe, while under the control of Glitchtrap, she made the VR mask irl. And modified it to have that mechanic like in the trailer. Then after she made the costume, she didn’t need it anymore and stored it away. Until Casey found it. In my opinion, a much better theory than she just found it on the ground or something. Also, it could be possible that she befriended Gregory before he became homeless (we don’t know WHEN Gregory became homeless. So it’s possible that he just recently became homeless in Security Breach). Anyways, those are my theories.

    I also had a theory about Sundrop and Moondrop (aka Sun and Moon). Maybe the objective is to find generators again to power the Daycare. That way, Moondrop can’t take control and harm Casey. And while they acted friendly in this trailer, the lack of light could very well cause Moondrop to take over. So we need more light to help Sundrop take full control. A bit of reusing ideas but it seems like it’s possible. The other idea I had is that they’re both friendly but I doubt it.

    Either way, those are some theories I had. Really looking forward to the game’s release. And I personally think that it’s both Glamrock Bonnie and Glitchtrap at the end. Can’t wait for Ruin!

    • GrenouilleSuprême says:

      The name of the daycare attendant is sun and moon, not sundrop and moondrop

    • Glitchgamer126 says:

      @GrenouilleSuprême no they are called sun
      drop and moondrop

    • GrenouilleSuprême says:

      @Glitchgamer126 no, if you look at the subtitles it says sun and moon, even gregory calls them like that, moondrop and sundrop are just fan made names based on the posters of their candies

    • Glitchtrap says:

      @GrenouilleSuprême While you are right a lot of people call them that due to the name being popularized due to the candy posters next to the entrance of the daycare

    • GrenouilleSuprême says:

      @Glitchtrap i know, people think sundrop and moondrop are the name of the animatronics while they’re the name of the candy, their true name being sun and moon, hope the merge will be called eclipse

  6. thenickshark1 says:

    I’m of the opinion that it’s not actually Gregory talking to us and it’s a trap to lure Cassie into the Pizzaplex. Because if it’s like all the YouTubers are saying and it takes place a few years, or even just a few months, after the base game then how has Gregory survived? Either he hasn’t and it’s a trap or Matpat was right and Gregory is a bot.

    • Mandooo says:

      +after the afton ending, gregory with glamrock freedy escapes from the pizzaplex

    • Kevin Pons says:

      Omg how many people still believe Gregory is a freaking robot we been through this already he’s not a freaking robot probably might be the mimic voicing Gregory for the love of god this theory of him being a robot is out of the control there’s no information about it or proof being robotic there’s nothing

    • G says:

      @Kevin Pons Chill. Nothing is off the table until we have confirmation; given how obtuse & elusive answers can be in this franchise, there’s no reason to rule anything plausible as disproved. Also, it’s fun. This is what hypothesizing is all about: having fun. It’s not about being proven right. It’s about having fun, sharing ideas, & connecting with other people.

    • EnderSlayer084 says:

      ​@Kevin Ponsread the books they literally confirmed it

    • Dylan Sharp says:

      The books confirm Gregory is a robot (or rather android)?

  7. Crumble Muffin says:

    I can’t stress enough how much I love the soundtrack for this trailer. Holy crap this is the fnaf year boys

  8. Lumi says:

    This is the first I’ve ever seen of Dawko after watching Mark, Matpat and others for years. His screaming during the first watch killed me

    • Mr Eggs_Among Us says:

      watch the rest of his trailer reviews and you’ll get used to it.

    • tempest says:

      I feel like this was even more hammed up than he usually is.
      Just screaming what’s on screen

    • Lumi says:

      @tempest mm I see, hopefully bc he seems chill where I’ve seen him otherwise. It was just very surprising.

    • frederick says:

      @Lumi i’ve watched dawko since 2014; for trailer reactions and stuff, i think he does ham it up a bit, because hell he’s supposed to be putting on a show and his audience is a lot of kids. he obviously enjoys hyping his audience up with stuff like this and at this point especially he knows people like to see him scream, whether it be out of mutual excitement or cringe. but he’s also said (and showed) that he’s just always been like that, when he’s excited about something he gets wild. i think he genuinely feels that excited on the inside and just lets loose with it. but in general he’s a chill person for sure

  9. Stokes says:

    just a random theory, since vanny’s costume is shown to be more than just a fabric suit, being filled with technology, maybe she’s using illusion disks to fake being gregory, in an attempt to lure in cassy. if cassy is some sort of representation of cassidy, then maybe this could be vanny/afton’s attempt to get rid of her. just a random thought.

  10. KipsterMc says:

    Looks like us FNaF fans are eating good not just this week, but this year as well! This looks like it’s going to be absolutely terrifying

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