The Forbidden Practice of Self-Mummification

The Forbidden Practice of Self-Mummification

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43 Responses

  1. Wendigoon says:

    Use my special link to get a free box of Birthday Cake with your order of Magic Spoon cereal for a limited time!

    • Ko Mo says:

      Could you please put timestamps on your Ad Reads?

    • Bhu says:

      When you do the video on incorrupt saints and relics in the Christian world, please put heavy research into the phenomena in the Eastern Orthodox Church. There is a very distinct difference of intention and theology that separates what happens to our grace-filled saints vs what Buddhist monks perform on themselves, and I think it’s paramount to make that point clear for people who are coming into this knowing nothing about the historic Christian church and her theology. Incorrupt saints are not mummies.

    • Stick Figure says:

      alright THAT’S IT i’m GETTING ME WALLET

    • ungern says:

      I really like your videos, but tbh cereal is itself a conspiracy, and not the most healthiest thing to eat

    • Shannon Conrad says:

      Side note- during Magic Spoon, you said ‘whatever crisis [you] are having right now. Hoping that was just ad banter but sending hopes for sunshine thru the windows of world.

  2. Ominous_Nekojin says:

    What a tragedy it was when Wendi, in his house, was found dead and perfectly preserved several months later, and in his hands was a box of Magic Spoon and a can of Monster…

  3. Apples says:

    Semi-related fun fact: the red spider lily is a very symbolic flower in Japan associated with death and graveyards. This is because all parts of the red spider lily are highly toxic, so people would plant them on top of freshly buried graves to prevent scavenging animals from digging up the bodies.

  4. Troy Brooks says:

    As a Buddhist for the past 15 years I just wanna say I feel you represented these ideas very well and spoke well informed. Theres always differences in understanding. But there still always constants as well. This was a good one man. Much love.

    • Demonic Than says:

      @Shihua Bai Ah thank you

    • Shihua Bai says:

      @Demonic Than those are monks, Buddhists who practice at home don’t have the same restrictions.

    • Demonic Than says:

      Huh? I thought Buddhists had to give up all material possessions that weren’t necessary for survival? How are you commenting on this video?

    • Shihua Bai says:

      @LUB TV Right, there were Indian practitioners who would exert their body under extreme conditions to reach enlightenment, Buddha tried it as it didn’t work for him. Also overly obsessed with these practices can lead to formalism, which is actually against Buddhism teaching which is more about finding the “essence” rather than sticking to rules and rituals blindly.

    • godjirzz says:

      I believe buddha didn’t teach you and didn’t want you to mummified yourself like what he did in his early years.

  5. The Herstory Channel says:

    I “met” Luang Pho Daeng in 2011 with absolutely NO context 😂 Cruising around Koh Samui on a hired moped, I stopped on the side of the road to have a drink. A little girl grabbed my hand and led me over to the box with him sitting in it; just sat out in the courtyard of this temple. She emphatically spoke to me in Thai (explaining how he came to be there I assume) and pointed at his sunglasses, then at mine and laughed while she tried mine on. Then she led me over to a station where she washed my hands, directed my hand to rub & ring a gong that was hanging there, and then led me back to my moped. She forced my helmet back on my head, smacked the top, shouted BYEEEEEE and then ran off giggling.
    I think about that encounter a lot. That little girl made my day, but boy was it strange to see kids playing football with this dead guy wearing sunnies just chillin in a box next to them 😂

  6. Wombat Person says:

    I’ve always had a pretty good amount pf respect for the monks that even attempt this practice. To see such dedication to their beliefs is kind of inspiring in a macabre way. I also have always found it extremely interesting the parallels between religions across the world, especially when those groups had no or little contact with each other.

    • Krushagash says:

      Yeah there is a monestary here in Serbia that I visited that had almost the same practice. They made a small tomb for a monk where he would pray and only leave a small opening to give him food. When they saw he wasnt taking the food anymore they just sealed that small opening.

  7. Nicodemus says:

    Honestly the fact that 17 monks were successful is kinda wild. 17 monks survived such inconceivable practice and succeeded in their goal, at least the physical part, I’m no authority on metaphysical matters so I can’t say anything about the spiritual part, but man you gotta admit this has to lead to enlightenment. The sheer willpower required to do this is nothing short of divine.

  8. Lauren Carlson says:

    I love how a nice short and light video for Wendigoon has become a 30 minute video on people starving and burying themselves alive. I hope this channel never changes 🥰

  9. Pablo says:

    As a living mummy myself, I found that you handled the topic quite respectfully

  10. Marrble says:

    I remember reading “Unbearable Maze” by Junji Ito a few years back, and I honestly thought he just made that up for the story lol. Any other Junji Ito fans should definitely check it out if they haven’t already, it’s one of my favorites by him

    • MVMusic says:

      @Acquilla7Highly recommend reading the original manga over watching the netflix adaptation if thats what youre referring too, theyre both on completely different levels.

    • Acquilla7 says:

      Yeah, I was watching the Junji Ito collection with some friends the other day, and as soon as I saw the monk mummies I realized what was going on. Was a nice little “oooh” moment.

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