My PO BOX got SHUT DOWN because of this…

My PO BOX got SHUT DOWN because of this…

last fan mail… for now
leave a like & i’ll open a new one

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29 Responses

  1. Crispy Concords says:

    can we take a moment to appreciate the comments for being so original <3

  2. outmoon says:

    Guys we get it. You all appreciate how much effort Crispy puts into his videos.

  3. DownwardSpiral says:

    Can we all appreciate how well these videos are edited? I literally feel like he’s coming in me.

  4. GGGaming says:

    can we just appreciate the amount of stuff crispy puts into us

  5. Antonio says:

    We all need to take a moment to appreciate the hard work, sweat, and tears he puts into these masterpiece videos🗿🗣️

  6. Aiden Brulotte says:

    We need to just take a moment and appreciate Crispy’s content and how much he does for us.

  7. Zacenal says:

    Congratulations on coming out crispy! Also, can we take a moment to appreciate the effort he doesnt puts into his videos? He never fails to disappoint! I love you crispy

  8. Kirboio productions says:

    Can we just appreciate how much hard work his editor puts into each video

  9. swigity swooty says:

    we should all take a moment to remember, respect and appreciate all the effort crispy pumps into us! 😀

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