THE GARFIELD MOVIE – Official Trailer (HD)

THE GARFIELD MOVIE – Official Trailer (HD)

Monday just got a whole lot better – watch the #GarfieldMovie trailer now. Coming soon exclusively to movie theaters.

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Garfield (voiced by Chris Pratt), the world-famous, Monday-hating, lasagna-loving indoor cat, is about to have a wild outdoor adventure! After an unexpected reunion with his long-lost father – scruffy street cat Vic (voiced by Samuel L. Jackson) – Garfield and his canine friend Odie are forced from their perfectly pampered life into joining Vic in a hilarious, high-stakes heist.

Directed by:
Mark Dindal

Screenplay by: Paul A. Kaplan & Mark Torgove and David Reynolds

Based on the Garfield® characters created by: Jim Davis

John Cohen
Broderick Johnson
Andrew A. Kosove
Steven P. Wegner
Craig Sost
Namit Malhotra
Crosby Clyse

Executive Producers:
Jim Davis
Bridget McMeel
David Reynolds
Scott Parish
Carl Rogers
Simon Hedges
Chris Pflug
Louis Koo
Steve Sarowitz
Justin Baldwin
Peter Luo

Chris Pratt
Samuel L. Jackson
Hannah Waddingham
Ving Rhames
Nicholas Hoult
Cecily Strong
Harvey Guillén
Brett Goldstein
Bowen Yang

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39 Responses

  1. Vailskibum says:

    The best part about this trailer is that it was posted on a Monday

  2. Daniel and Lucy: Cartoons Madness! says:

    It’s so great that Garfield is actually getting an animated movie and not another live action one!

  3. EyeSik says:

    The intro actually makes sense, considering that in the books, Garfield was born in an Italian restaurant, while in the movie, Garfield is adopted by Jon in the restaurant. The attention to detail with little alterations is pretty cool!

  4. Jakko Warner says:

    As someone who grew up watching all the Garfield shows and movies, and read the comics, I really hope this movie is good and it looks like it will be!

  5. Geeker says:

    We now live in a reality where Samuel L. Jackson is in a Garfield movie with Chris Pratt. What a time to be alive.

  6. Dark Spark says:

    John Arbuckle is one of the most relatable characters I’ve ever come across. The part where he’s sitting alone and looks over at the family eating together, reminding him of his loneliness made me incredibly sad.

  7. DOOM Studios says:

    Garfield really nailed that Chris Pratt impression.

  8. leandrawwz says:

    Baby Garfield is the cutest thing i did not expect. I really love the art style of this too.

  9. Common Neon says:

    This movie actually looks really cute. I think I’ll give it a watch when it comes out. We haven’t gotten a Garfield movie in a while.

  10. Lawyer says:

    I’m glad people out there still know what Garfield is, and that they like it, and they like it enough to make a movie about it. (A good movie this time) I’m so hyped for this movie and the next step for me would be a Calvin and Hobbes movie.

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