The Game Awards 2023: Live Nomination Announcement

The Game Awards 2023: Live Nomination Announcement

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Join Geoff Keighley from the Peacock Theater in Los Angeles, as he announces your nominees for The Game Awards 2023 in more than 30 categories, including Game of the Year.

The Game Awards streams live in 4K on Thursday, December 7 at 4:30p PT / 7:30p ET / 12:30a GMT.

0:00 – Introduction
0:57 – Performance
1:23 – Ongoing Game
1:34 – Multiplayer
1:48 – Art Direction
2:01 – Score & Music
2:23 – Audio Design
2:42 – Adaptation
2:56 – Narrative
3:16 – Games for Impact
3:29 – Indie
3:40 – Mobile
4:01 – Community Support
4:26 – Debut Indie
4:36 – VR/AR
4:50 – Content Creator
5:06 – Most Anticipated
5:19 – Action/Adventure
5:33 – RPG
5:46 – Fighting
6:01 – Action
6:24 – Accessibility
6:40 – Family
6:53 – Sim/Strategy
7:08 – Sports/Racing
7:29 – Esports Game
7:40 – Esports Athlete
7:52 – Esports Team
8:08 – Esports Coach
8:16 – Esports Event
8:49 – Game Direction
9:15 – Game of The Year

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41 Responses

  1. Poett ! says:

    Is it me, or this would’ve been the perfect year for a “Best Horror Game” category. Between Alan Wake 2, Resident Evil 4, Dead Space, and Dead Island 2, that category would’ve been STACKED!!

  2. bl33m911 gaming says:

    I honestly hope Hi-Fi Rush gets an award really a good game that need to take the same art direction and gameplay

    • Brandon Carr says:

      To be honest. I want Armored Core 6 to win. But i see Hi-Fi Rush getting that win. I’d consider it once of the best games that came out of 2023.

  3. HuskyFlower87 says:

    It feels like 2017 with Zelda and Mario both being nominated for GOTY, what an amazing year for Nintendo.

  4. gerardo m says:

    I’m always excited to hear the game awards orchestra.

  5. JustinRoKStar says:

    Man the game selection here are pretty cool! Just finding the winner of this years’ GOTY is the equivalent of trying to find a needle in a haystack, nearly impossible!

  6. No SAUCE says:

    What a year of awesome games , so many well deserved nominations.

  7. GemKeeper says:

    As a big fan of Star Wars, I’m happy Jedi Survivor at least got 2 nomination. And congrats to Cyberpunk 2077, didn’t expect it to get any love or attention but I’m glad it did!

  8. Vhayne says:

    This has been an insanely good year for game releases. So many great games. And so many that were not even nominated in any category….Hogwarts Legacy…Lords of the Fallen…and many more. I’m sure it was very difficult to choose the nominations with so much goodness this year. 🙂

  9. Anas Shahid 224 says:

    2023 was a great year for gaming, happy with whoever wins 😊 Happy 10th anniversary The Game Awards!

  10. DatAlphaLion says:

    The fact that Advance Wars got more nominations than Octopath Traveler 2 is frankly astounding.

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