The Inside Guys React To The Miami Heat’s Blowout Game 7 Win In Boston | NBA on TNT

The Inside Guys React To The Miami Heat’s Blowout Game 7 Win In Boston | NBA on TNT

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43 Responses

  1. Kamíkaze says:


  2. Steven Malone says:

    The Heat played the entire game like they were the ones down by 10+…Love their tenacity and never die attitude.

  3. April Aniel says:

    Duncan Robinson is the biggest example of coaches can take away or bring you confidence. Last season Spo wasn’t sold on him and I’m glad Duncan stayed ready and earned his spot again

    • Cosmic Warrior says:

      Duncan wasn’t playing well it had nothing to do with spo “not being sold on him”…

    • 🅿️ Muzz says:

      He needs to start over Strus until Tyler comes back

    • Andrew Giegerich says:

      @🅿️ Muzz struts is a dog on defense though believe it or not

    • TjayK says:

      It was Duncan’s fault for tossing up bricks and playing terrible D. If anything it’s a feather in Spos cap for being able to recognize the guy you paid isn’t performing and he had a better option on the bench in Max Strus. Spoealstra found 2 contributing players for this squad in the time Robinson was sitting and it’s all paying off now.

    • April Aniel says:

      @TjayK did you even watch the Mia v Celtics series last year? Miami’s ball movement totally disappeared and Strus and Lowry was left and right setting records as the worst backcourt in playoff’s history but Spo was so stubborn that he didn’t play Duncan and Caleb in that series even though they couldn’t produce offense.

  4. Jhokher Joker says:

    From play – in to the finals!!! What a journey!!! Lets go heat nation!!!🔥🔥🔥

  5. Believe 13 says:

    Congratulations to Coach Spo and the Miami Heat !!!! It was a great series. Hope and pray that the Heat wins the Championship. They are the perfect example of grit and hard work

  6. Fatima Daniels says:

    Congratulations to the Miami Heat for an awesome series and deserving Eastern Conference Champions. The crew of TNT is amazing as always. Can’t wait for the Finals coverage. The Finals series gona be epic. Nuggets and Heat🎉❤️

    • Jamal Abdelbaset says:

      The “Finals Coverage” will be all about what The Lakers and Knicks might do in the off-season. 🙄

  7. Larry Campbell says:

    Chuck said it perfectly. The Celtics only relied on talent and that can only get you so far.

    • PAUL Z says:

      U can win on it and they came back from 3-0. But they had 3 games since they lost their coach last year they haven’t run a cohesive system

    • JerseyStef says:

      @PAUL Z they didn’t come back from 3-0, they lost.

    • Brandon Santiago says:

      @JerseyStef well technically they did. They came back from 0-3 and tied it 3-3. They just didn’t win the 4th game to win it all. But they came back from 0-3

    • DEEN92 says:

      @Brandon Santiago thats not “coming back” tho. It’s only a comeback if you win the series.

    • DJP Influx says:

      ​@Brandon SantiagoThey need a lucky bounce with .03 seconds on the clock. They should’ve lost game 6.

  8. C0NSCI0US0UL says:

    As much as we make fun of Chuck this was a masterclass in analysis, he was incredible 👏

  9. PeleisLegend says:

    Spo is the best coach in the NBA. Joe was playing checkers and Spo was playing chess. It’s unbelievable how different Miami was with how good their shot selection is compared to Boston and their idiotic offence of chucking threes and relying on talent to decide on the fly without having a set play. Spo and Miami showed how much smarter they were just in shot selection alone compared to like Charles said, “Boston’s uncoordinated offence.”

    • Zac says:

      When I saw the Celtics coach once in these finals throw the clipboard and walk off from his players on a time out, I knew that was a terrible sign.

    • Burt Reynolds says:

      I think joe stinks too, but I’m the clerics defense, it’s hard to make a good offense when you’ve had four coaches in four years

    • Sean Nemetz says:

      100% I’d go as far to say Joe was playing battleship 🚢

  10. Issy Jas says:

    I’m UK based, this crew of analysts are the best in any sport. They look so together, look like they’re having fun and know what they’re talking about.
    Worth skipping the game just to hear them talk.
    Salute The Four Musketeers.

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