THE LAST OF US Episode 2 Breakdown & Ending Explained | Review And Game Easter Eggs

THE LAST OF US Episode 2 Breakdown & Ending Explained | Review And Game Easter Eggs

THE LAST OF US Episode 2 Breakdown & Ending Explained | Review And Game Easter Eggs. We break down Episode 2 of TLOU Including what we think will happen and the major game plot points. Covering subjects such as Joel and Ellie, Tess, Clickers, Tommy, Bill And Frank, the game differences, all the Easter Eggs we spotted and also our Theories on what this could mean moving forward in Episode 3.

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Welcome to the Heavy Spoilers show, I’m your host Paul aka not your average Joel and this video we’re breaking down The Last Of Us Episode 2. The series has had two really good episodes back to back and as a big fan of the game I’ve loved watching these first two entries. They do change some things up though and throughout the video we’re gonna be going over the easter eggs, game differences and also giving our thoughts on the series so far.

Huge thank you to everyone who checked out our video last week and like that one we’re gonna be saving the more spoilery easter eggs until the end so that people who haven’t played the game can enjoy all the twists and turns that come up in the show. I’ll give you a heads up before we hit that and we start the episode off in Jakarta all the way back in 2003.

If you cast your mind back to last week then you may remember that they did an announcement over the radio that talked about the city and how something strange was going on there. Here we see it playing out with the outbreak of the infection being studied by a doctor. This wasn’t in the game and I like how the series is slowly filling in the backstory of the virus. Both the beginning of last episode and this one had completely new bits in them and it’s possible that we might even get a new story slotted in at the opening of each entry that gives us way more details on the infection than what we ever got in the game.

When the title cards first shown we can see this is taking place on September 24th 2003 dating it two days before the outbreak. This of course shows how fast the virus spread and in the game we learned it was through products contain flour and yeast which we’ll talk more about in just a bit. Huge shoutouts to Dyanmic Smurf on our last video for pointing out that 2003 was potentially chosen because it was one of the hottest years on record which a record breaking heat wave happening that killed 20,000 people.

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47 Responses

  1. Heavy Spoilers says:

    Huge apologies for calling it a virus. Thanks for all the corrections on it and going forward I’ll avoid using that term. Whenever stuff like this happens I wish I could go back and redo the video. Thanks for checking out the video anyway and hopefully that didn’t ruin it for you.

    • 織勉我 says:

      Was it just me or did the Indonesian scientists look like RBG

    • I'm Zoot says:

      Might be a spoiler or small detail reveal…

      The spore vines in the autopsy scene reach out to the doctor. The only other time we see this is at the end when the infected give the kiss of death. Why didn’t she move? Maybe she was that infected. It already had control of her fight or flight functions or whatever. The doctor was already infected since she probably already ate some flour based product with her lunch. I think that was butter on the table.

    • nikkukubananas91325 says:

      I legit was about to say I’m so sorry if in nit picking but it’s a fungus lol 😅😅😅 and this is the first thing I see

    • Christopher Carr says:

      The fungus in the show is in the phylum _ascomycota,_ known as the “sac fungi.” They produces fruiting bodies that you can call mushrooms, although most mushrooms people are familiar with are in the phylum basidiomycota.

      Fungi are more closely related to animals than to plants. Viruses are little particles of DNA or RNA, not full-blown cells.

    • Heavy Spoilers says:

      @Michael Huit thank you

  2. TJ Taco Lover says:

    I loved the buildup to the clicker reveal. The entire scene was so tense. The set design and makeup was incredible throughout the episode.

  3. Denzy says:

    That scene with the clickers was perfectly creepy 👌🏾👏🏾

    • Shima Enaga says:

      I was holding my breath when the clicker move right next to Joel… I was like “f*ck…f*ck….f*ck… don’t get notice….”

    • Paeng says:

      They really nailed the clickers bro. I was waiting for that brick/bottle throw 😂

    • just general videos says:

      I loved that we all knew exactly what was going to happen but I had the feeling it was all going to go bad and I’m glad I had that feeling that’s what I want to feel

    • Rockview says:

      When Joel stepped on the glass I yelled ‘find a God damned brick!’ Lol

  4. ddo san says:

    The scene with the Jakarta doctor shaking when she learns 14 workers were missing …
    Credit to the actress, she nailed it.

    • ChrisMCFC says:

      @Mr. Fox  that’s the point tho. She knows how big of a deal this is and how bad it will become if it’s not contained asap. When she sad to bomb everything I immediately thought something like ” if this scientist who’s the best in her field can’t think of any other way to contain the infection then she knows they almost no chance” at least that’s how I took it

    • ICU1337 says:

      lol shoutout to the military dude that said, “Yup 14 are missing and we aint going to look for that trouble” without actually saying anything 😂🤷🏽‍♂

    • Mr. Fox says:

      @David H nope, we understand it all. It was basically implied in the first episode that if it happens, we (humanity) lose. So we understand how such scenario is devastating. But, to arrive to bombing as a first suggestion from a scientist isn’t very convincing at all. There’s also no conflict of humanity at all in that line.

    • David H says:

      @Mr. FoxI think everyone’s getting it wrong. She’s so in despair realizing the severity of the situation and certain death.

      She merely says “bomb it all” not as a suggestion but more to demonstrate they will arrive at no other result.

      As the first thing she says after is she needs to see her family. Knowing there’s little time no matter what.

    • History Eraser Button says:

      She was incredible.

  5. Jose Martinez says:

    Goddamn, what an episode. Tess’s death was so tragic even though it was expected. I love the way they introduced how the infection started, it really adds a lot to the story as a whole. Thanks for the excellent breakdown as usual, Paul. Keep the great content coming.

    • Jose Martinez says:

      @DoIt ForU Yeah, she’s a joy to watch. They tried their best to make her look unattractive and failed. I honestly wished they had let her survive, but I understand it was necessary for the story. Still, it was sad watching her die.

    • DoIt ForU says:

      One just does not cast miss Dunham and kill her right away. I’m honest half interested in the show right now

  6. Scootin_Nic says:

    The way Tess died was so much more in depth and creepier this time, it made it a lot more meaningful imo. The episode was awesome can’t wait for the next with bill and frank

    • Peter De Leon says:

      @Russiasvechenaya Is your “masculinity” so fragile so tiny it’s afraid of gay people?

    • capekdev says:

      @Michael Shuttleworth “racism is dead” why you lie…

    • capekdev says:

      @Benny Costello i think its because she’s not really infected in a way for other infected to “feel” the fungus signal, at least in the series they say the fungus can send signal to each other, right?

    • waefaw awrgaw says:

      @Russiasvechenaya Too bad we’re already excited from ur 3rd world country losing tens of thousands of troops already in the war bahahahaha

    • Surplus of Dads says:

      @Russiasvechenaya Crybaby scared of gay people

  7. Jay Zapata says:

    I wish we had a little bit more time with Tess. She did amazingly great, and loved how she went out.

    • litneyloxan says:

      I really liked the little change they made too. It made it so much more intimate to lose her when they weren’t tearing her apart immediately, but overtook her slowly giving her the chance to sacrifice them all by fire to go out in a blaze of glory. She did amazing embodying Tess, the casting is pretty solid

    • Kakashi says:

      @leigha ! I’m referring to the person saying she’ll be a clicker

    • leigha ! says:

      @Kakashi flashbacks obviously

    • Kakashi says:

      @Ryan she just got blown to bits. How would she appear in future episodes?

    • mapping shaman says:

      @Ryan we won’t see her as a clicker unless its in part 2, clickers take years to become clickers.

  8. Michael Wachendorf says:

    Ok is it just me or did 52mins fly by and only felt like 10mins? Man I’m seriously loving this show. Great writing great acting love this.

  9. Shayne Wallace says:

    Enjoying how they’re giving the origin of the outbreak

  10. CanadianRage says:

    I was actually convinced Tess was gonna get attacked by the swarm of infected before she lit the lighter and set of the explosion. That would of been so tragic man…

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