The moment Russia attempted to block President Zelensky speaking at the UN Security Council

The moment Russia attempted to block President Zelensky speaking at the UN Security Council

Watch the full moment the Albanian prime minister exchanged terse words with the Russian delegate in unprecedented scenes at the UN Security Council.

Russia has objected to the proposal to hand the floor over to Volodymyr Zelensky before security council members can speak.

However, Albanian prime minister Edi Rama says the notice of speaking orders was given to members in advance, and says the objection should have been decided beforehand.

He adds this is not a “special operation” by Albania – a nod to Russia’s term for its war in Ukraine – and that it is in line with the committee’s practices.

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45 Responses

  1. Robert Purdy says:

    The Albanian Prime Minister’s usage of “Special Operation” against Russia was glorious.

  2. Tanya Charbury says:

    I am impressed by the logical, calm, assertive approach of the Albanian Prime Minister.

  3. Micheal Hodge says:

    Respect to the Albanian Prime Minister

  4. Maxajax says:

    As someone with family in Macedonia, I do not say this lightly: Respect for the Albanian Prime Minister.

  5. eSapper says:

    Greatest respect for the Russian interpreter. So much nonsense had to be translated, very fast and all that without starting to laugh (or cry) because of its absurdity.

    • Peter Lund says:

      Funny that she spoke super fast and the Russian UN Ambassador spoke rather slowly 🙂

    • brian carno says:

      not many Ukrainians laughing on the frontline of the war

    • Paolo Petrozzi says:

      @brian carno
      2% of the NATO budget for last year, 2022, was enough to HALVE the number of Russian tanks and IFVs currently in service. And NATO’s armies didn’t even show up (yet…). Let’s spend another 2% in 2023! We are going to have a lot of FUN with RuZZia, at least with what will be left of it.

    • Gabriel frost says:

      Absolutely she got talent unlike the bald guy representative.

  6. Matthew Abiodun says:

    I love Albanian president for his brave starting, calm speaking, eloquent dissemination of information and his composure responses… Bravo sir.

  7. Luis Martini says:

    When the president said “stop the war and he won’t speak” 😂😂😂

    • mattk04 says:

      That was such a great statement.

    • TryingTo Correct says:

      straight talk

    • H K says:

      @mattk04 That is an Albanian style statement! We don’t play around with words. We wish the best to Ukraine, but Ukraine on the other hand, still has to recognize Kosovo… because Ukraine government had sided with Serbia in the conflict Serbia-Kosovo; while Serbia now has sided with Russia against Ukraine. So stay on the look out for the true friends, and allies.

    • Mikolka Starko says:

      ​​​@H KThanks a lot to all Albenians for your support and for choosing to be on the side of light and God and not evil.

  8. stream2watch says:

    “stop the war and President Zelensky will not take the floor”.
    Albania rocks the UNSEC. Outstanding

  9. Alex Gorobets says:

    The most brutal violator of the Security Council’s principles and policies is casting the shadow to their victims. Hilarious

  10. Harriet Rampa says:

    congratulations to the Albanian President for being firm with Russia ❤

    • Fr Cluc says:

      Not President; it’s the Prime Minister. The president was not there.

    • Little squirrel says:

      @Fr Cluc just give the guy the presidency too, my man killed it

    • H K says:

      @Fr Cluc Albanian president does not have “teeth” – presidency is a figure-head position in Albania, Germany, Italy… the prime minister has the power of the voters… president is not elected by the people.

    • H K says:

      @Little squirrel LOL… prime minister has all the power he needs; as a president he would be in office for five years doing nothing – as prime minister he has plenty of power… but at the UN he has the backing of the USA and NATO countries.

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