The Saddest Day in JJK History / Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 236 Spoilers

The Saddest Day in JJK History / Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 236 Spoilers

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The Saddest Day in JJK History / Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 236 Spoilers

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50 Responses

  1. Zhoniin says:

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  2. nateqt says:

    Sukuna used mahoraga as a guide to learn how to cut space. Sukuna was the one who delivered the Final Cut. He just was waiting for mahoraga to show him how to cut space and then sukuna copied it for himself.

    • Lorenzo Rercan says:


    • Spam Cocobutt says:

      yeah I agree and this isnt the first time Sukuna has learned something advanced from someone else too. Sukuna learned how to make himself into a cursed object with the help of Kenjaku. Sukuna the type of guy to completely analyse his opponents ability and then use that information to his advantage. Prob why the adaptive ability of the 10 shadows was so appealing to him in the first place. Not that he needed to defeat Gojo in the first place as stated by Gojo this chapter.

    • virnim says:

      Sukuna used gojo as a trainer for his lap dog mahoraga

    • The Pursuer of Justice says:

      Makes sense. If the theory about his real Cursed Technique are even remotely true, then it’s completely on brand for him to get stronger just by learning from and copying others.

    • Asmodeus Of Lust says:

      Does that mean Sukuna can copy any CT? Can Sukuna copy limitless?

  3. Gojivan says:

    Sukuna is now able to cut through reality as how he’s able to expand his domain in reality itself which seems harder to do. He is a prodigy after all, it was a matter of time

  4. Joel Gonzalez says:

    I think Sukuna was able to cut Gojo himself because of his genius with cursed energy. He got Mahoraga to adapt to Infinity and watched how their cursed energy acted to cut through Infinity. Once Sukuna saw a cursed technique application of his Cleave he understood how to do it too.

  5. Anthony Igania says:

    It’s interesting how vivid Sukuna can see curse energy, comprehend it, and then Adjust and manipulate it.


      even without the 6 eyes is even more wild.

    • Mr MicDrew says:

      I guess those extra 2 eyes count for something after all

    • Anthony Igania says:

      @Mr MicDrew But his current body only has 2. But maybe he can utilize them even if they don’t appear on his current body.

    • anime says:

      That exactly what makes him strong, his comprehension of jujutsu. That’s why I don’t understand why people keep mentioning his CT. I don’t think his technique is as strong as limitless or as interesting as 10s. In my opinion obviously, we will hopefully learn more about his CT in the future.

    • Anthony Igania says:

      @anime Cleave and Dismantle are effective, but yes, they are simple. I’m assuming (like many others) he has more techniques hidden that he could not use against Gojo due to his infinity. But hopefully now he can show case more of the tools he has hidden all this time. Also, 10 Shadows IMO, is the most busted of them all thus far mainly due to the fact that Mahoraga can CHANGE the nature of his Curse energy…… bruh, let that sink in…. The potential of that ability is endless!

  6. Trevor Claudio says:

    I don’t think there was any real way to off Gojo the way he deserved after the way Toji offed him the first time. Letting Gojo’s death be exclusive to his students and those watching makes it sting that much harder for us readers. Can’t wait to see how Yuji and Yuta respond to this

    • Ghøst says:

      After Gojo’s death technically Yuta have the title of the “new” strongest sorcerer alive in the Modern Era so Yuta need the power up for fulfill Gojo’s hope like the who can surpass him… Yuta need to show what it means to be a descendant of Michizane Suguwara’s and being the relative of the previous Strongest sorcerer in the Modern Era : Gojo Saturo…..

  7. Beepu Avich says:

    This was to be expected so that our MC could shine again, but we didn’t expect to be a brutal ending.

  8. RJ says:

    It is interesting that Gojo said Sukuna could’ve possibly won even without the ten shadows considering it was Sukuna learning from Mahoraga that allowed him to win the fight. Sukuna must still be hiding some techniques.

  9. Chase says:

    You know, I said that gojo had to lose for the story. I knew the pain and accepted it. So, why does it still hurt so much. R.I.P the legend, Gojo.

    • isjor1 says:

      It hurts because the last chapter said he won and then he was killed off screen

    • Charles Blake says:

      @isjor1 maybe he “won” against sukuna, but unfortunately megumi (mahoraga) gave him the boost/key to overcome gojo, technically meaning he was fighting more than just sukuna.

    • isjor1 says:

      @Charles Blake none of that changes the amount of disrespect Gojo received by being given an off screen death
      We cut back to the present and he’s dead
      He’s just dead out of nowhere
      What other important character got treated this way

    • Dolphin says:

      Yea, but so does Sukuna. I don’t see how the plot sensibly moves forward with either of them alive alone. I thought they’d kill each other. What happens now? Cus Sukuna losing to anyone else left alive would be kinda bs considering the power gap.. does Sukuna just win and kill everyone? 😂 I’m guessing not, but how is he gonna be stopped lol I’m very curious

    • T DiBari says:

      @Dolphin it makes way for the mc to finally become the mc again. Theyll probably need more than power to beat sukuna at all or maybe Yuji will finally get the power of being a main character lol, and not be fodder. (not that i dont like Yuji being realistically powered but, who else is gonna beat Sukuna.) Maybe Yuta? Kashimo? Probably not.

  10. strangah says:

    I’m so ready for Yuji’s get back of the century. Losing his closest friends, Megumi and Nobara, and NOW his sensei. Bro is about to be on absolute demon time 💀

    • Miles Collins says:

      Yeah with all the Gojo/Sakuna stans going around, I think they both forgot that neither of them is the main MC and both going to probably die. Not only that, but it’s obvious that Kenjaku is the final villain, and not Sakuna imo. So it will be funny when Sakuna dies and all of his fans get hit with the Pikachu face meme.

    • Shan says:

      ​​@Miles Collins as a sakuna fan I know he’s gonna die at some point. He ain’t the final villan kenjaku is. Interesting thing to see is how sakuna dies.

    • Dreadssjg_m a says:

      Hold on.. Its sakuna? I thought it was sukuna damn.

    • Miles Collins says:

      Hopefully I’m wrong, but at this point I can’t see Sukuna death being fulfilling either. He’s so much stronger than everyone else it will be something random as well.@Shan

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