The new Kirby game is a pure and wholesome experience :)

The new Kirby game is a pure and wholesome experience 🙂

I played Kirby The Forgotten Lands and it was a fun time

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39 Responses

  1. Silver the Hero says:

    That thumbnail:
    “Wait, Kirby is actually kind of scary under the surface?”
    “Always has been.”

    • Joseph Blattert says:

      When you take a step back and think for a second, you’ll realize that over half of the “enemies” in Kirby games don’t even attack Kirby… They do nothing except get in Kirby’s way and he just fucking eats them alive.

    • Sbren Sbeve says:

      Thumbnail was more like: “YO THEY GAVE KIRBY A GUN?”

    • Dittœ says:

      He technically is an actual god in the canon.

    • Norah Rose says:

      And I could say things lore-wise form star allies, but I just woke up and don’t have the brainpower to do it at the moment

    • Samuel Fielding says:

      He is canonically the most powerful being ever, and he has killed gods for stealing his breakfast

  2. temp6t says:

    Havent gotten to the post game but man the main game was great, really fun experience

  3. Kobe Hope says:

    I cannot express how happy I am about everything going on with this game! The areas, the designs, the new abilities, I love it so much!

    • James Monorow says:

      I know due to recent games how they’ve been I was worried the experience would be unpolished and mediocre but it brings joy to my heart to see the pink puffball thriving and the game is really fun

  4. Zachary Woloszynski says:

    I wonder how many people are going to play this game without every finding out about the backflip

    • The pink coin says:

      @TheBaxes isn’t that the dodge

    • Zachary Woloszynski says:

      @Obi Ozi oh, I’ve been making it way more complicated than it needs to be. Thanks for the advice!

    • Obi Ozi says:

      You don’t need to hit a face button, just block and move in any direction doesn’t matter if you’re facing it or not. Hope this helped!

    • Zachary Woloszynski says:

      @TheBaxes you have to also hit one of the face buttons at the same time, not sure which one off the the top of my head

    • TheBaxes says:

      @Snowysparkle press block and move in a direction different to the one that you facing. Something like that

  5. CashBin says:

    The new ranger ability is probably my favorite out of the sheer absurdity that Nintendo let Kirby have a gun

  6. ack says:

    Smallant: “omg it’s so cute”

    Chat: “Kirby is an eldritch horror”

  7. FryToons! says:

    Just wait till he gets to the final boss he’ll see how wholesome Kirby can get.

  8. Lasagna says:

    “There’s so many moves with one powerup!”
    Oh man, you have no idea, dude. In 2D kirby games these abilities would have entire freaking Tekken movesets with input combos and chaining attacks. It was crazy.

  9. Sirius White says:

    Can’t wait for Smant to do the worlds first Min Mouthfull % run

  10. Duke of Burgerz says:

    Shoutouts to Devine for the quality Credits Roll. Kirby did a 10/10 job

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