The Oscars Moment that Shocked the World, Biden Says Putin Cannot Remain in Power | The Tonight Show

The Oscars Moment that Shocked the World, Biden Says Putin Cannot Remain in Power | The Tonight Show

Jimmy addresses the dramatic night at the Oscars and Biden going off script during a speech in Poland.

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The Oscars Moment that Shocked the World, Biden Says Putin Cannot Remain in Power | The Tonight Show


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41 Responses

  1. Timothy Brakson says:

    That’s just Chris Rock, imagine if it’s Ricky Gervais or maybe if Eminem challenged Will to do a rap battle 😂😂😂

  2. UserInterface00 says:

    The Will Smith incident just gave every news media, late night show, publication, blogs, YouTubers, any form of social media and the MEME world ammunition for days, weeks, months, and years to come.

    • joesr31 says:

      about time since the last youtube rewind meme

    • vh9network says:

      I’d say it gave everyone material for a day. Monday which everyone was talking about it. But like everything this news is already getting stale.

    • UserInterface00 says:

      @EST 1981 TBH, only Jimmy Fallon was the only one not covering it. I can only assume he’s really close to Will and Jada. Every other late night show has a segment on it and is talking and making jokes about the situation.

    • Tammy Forbes says:

      That was the plan. Vince McMahon been getting rich and staying relevant with fake violence for years.

  3. Silver Shooter says:

    That moment when the Oscar’s were so awkward that Jimmy avoids any direct jokes about it.

    • TheDano1971 says:

      @Myth Doge apparently you didn’t see Jimmie Kimmel he roasted him pretty good

    • melirose89 says:

      Probably because Questlove was right there and Chris Rock was the one who presented his Oscar.

    • JOAO PEDRO BRAZ says:

      Because of the “Fresh Prince” reboot that “will” stream on Peacook. The entire NBC Universal is avoiding cause in order to coment they would have to take sides, and the Will is executive producer!!!

    • Andrea Paola says:

      @rainmind No imaginás el racismo que aun existe. Estoy en contacto con mucha gente allá. Sí, es racismo.

    • jeffrey davis says:

      That was real cool and sensitive how Jimmy talked about it without actually mentioning it so to speak. He’s real cool with BOTH participents of the incident.

  4. TheShmoo123 says:

    So sorry Quest Love and his associates had their Oscar moment ruined by someone else’s vile actions! Congrats guys, you thoroughly deserved it, we really enjoyed watching the wonderful lost treasure that you made available to us all 👍🏽💛🙋🏽‍♀️

    • TheShmoo123 says:

      @Yautja Prime ….🌸 hi 👋🏽

    • Yautja Prime says:

      You’re a delicate little flower if you think that was “vile”

    • Make Me Your S3x slave says:

      Me : sees the video only fans
      ” Alright I think that’s enough for today ”
      My mom: makes soup
      Me : OK IM DONE

      Ello everyone if you are bored comment in my comment cause I’m also bored. :)..

    • Ural Dixon says:

      @MovieLingo 💯

    • Cucci Cucci says:

      @Sonya Gomez Not what I said. It’s been covered on every station. Chris Rock not pressing charges, Academy will see if they’re taking action. When that happens I’m sure we’ll hear more. It was a cringe moment for everyone watching.

  5. A A says:

    I love how Jimmy celebrated Quest like that. He’s such a good friend.

  6. Chelsea Kirk says:

    I love when he brings up his mom. She seemed like quite a character from how he talks about her. Lol 😝
    And I’m glad Quest won. He’s probably really happy for his friend.
    Sometimes Jimmy feels really forced when you watch these; then sometimes you watch these and it’s just cute and relatable.
    Like “omg my mom used to do this”
    “Omg my best friend did this I’m so proud!”
    It’s so much more fun to watch positivity rather than clout

  7. River D says:

    So so happy for Questlove. I genuinely teared up going through his IG Stories. A moment like that comes once in a lifetime for almost people even in the entertainment industry. To have that moment come right after a manbaby’s tantrum was indeed upsetting. But never mind, life goes on. Congratulations Questlove, again. 👏👏👏

    • Esperanza Arce says:

      Right, thanks to his stupid stunt he completely overshadowed the rest of the winners spotlight. The 2022 Oscars will always be know for the slap.

  8. Lucky says:

    I love that Jimmy recognizes his friend first and reports on the obvious overly reported oscars news second. It shows Jimmy is a good friend and understands his friends moment was more important than just talking about the incident at the oscars. I think its also creative to work small jokes around the incident instead of directly making fun of it. It shows Jimmy doesn’t need to exploit the incident at the oscars in order to make great jokes about the Oscars, but still made light of the incident indirectly by making the incident the base of all the jokes he told about the Oscars. This was great!

  9. Tina Tran says:

    Yes! Way to give Quest his moment that was stolen from him. Love seeing Jimmy big him up like that and not just focus on the Smith/Rock thing

  10. Niggie Biggie says:

    Will Smiths relationship is open to everything except jokes

    • Jennifer Cooper says:

      @S CYup. Rock didn’t say: “Eww… You look bald…’ Just said she had a GI Jane haircut. If the Smiths had said nothing, it would have already been forgotten.

    • Jennifer Cooper says:

      @Sean Sullivan He still might be Scient. Denzel has been coaching him, so he used Denzel’s words.

    • Phebz Peters says:


    • S C says:

      @Marie Smith Or perhaps the grown a$$ emotionally stunted man child should stay home in the safe confines of his home with his succubus wife? Will was the only one wrong in this situation, he’s the adult that chose to use his hands over his words. You know a basic life skill you learn in Kindergarten 101. Stop defending Toxic Masculinity.

      Will is also the same man who built a career off the expense of others, throwing out all sorts of offensive jokes about fat people, bald people you name it. I didn’t hear of one viewer taking it personal and physically assaulting him for his comedic approach.

      It’s stand up comedy, Chris was asked to be there to roast celebrities. Stand up comedians aren’t there for their empathy skills their there to shock the audience and make jokes. If the worst joke is comparing Jada to a bald, beautiful, independent and strong resilient woman, so be it . Will was the problem in that situation no one else, stop defending abusers. It’s gross.

    • S K says:

      His wife is very open too

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