West Philadelphia Community Reacts To Local Icon Will Smith Slapping Chris Rock

West Philadelphia Community Reacts To Local Icon Will Smith Slapping Chris Rock

Matt Petrillo reports.

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55 Responses

  1. LaVerne Jackson says:

    It was a joke. You can’t just hit ppl anyone would press charges. Chris Rock handle himself well. Will got some things going on. My mom always says you can’t do wrong and get by.

  2. Jonathan Cineus says:

    After working for decades toward the happiest moment of his career, Will Smith exposed the entire world to how unhappy he really is inside.

    • Kwabena Ekuban Jr. says:

      @Mr Ambition Defending his wifes honor is HORSESHIT! She is an entity in herself. She can handle herself. They are not strangers in the world of Comedy, and CR didnt say anything that she hasnt made clear to the public herself.

    • Bouabdellah Ghanem says:


    • Mr Ambition says:

      @Brenda McLaughlin hey Bren, if an intruder breaks in and roughs u up is it admirable for your “none violent” husband to stand there and hope for the best? 😏

    • Kwabena Ekuban Jr. says:

      How can you assume that. How can you assume someone is a unhappy on the inside. You dont. You got no clue on that.

    • Mr Ambition says:

      @Brenda McLaughlin if necessary yes,..your country was founded on violence lady.

  3. Thelma Almaden says:

    I’m fr. Philippines and a big fan of Will Smith, I never thought he would do that in front of global audience. For Chris you rock! Very professional and your the man! My heart goes to you. Your a Good man keep it up.

  4. Amazing Reviews says:

    He went from Laughing to being Angry and Violent to Whining, I mean Crying. Great Actor?

    • Rachel Grabowiecki says:

      100% accurate!!! first he laughed, the Jada turned her eyes up, he went into violent mode and then into cry baby victim mode ! An Actor at his best…he def, deserves the Oscar for that one!

    • it's me thetruth says:

      @drummerboy1 in the words of my great grandpappy, that 😽🕳 is a m.f🤣🤣faaaacts

    • Sandra says:


    • Meatball says:

      @drummerboy1 yes sad to say but yes she’s one of the main if not only reason will is the way he is on top of the verbal harassment from some of the fans after that whole “entanglement” debacle. People were clowning him for crying which is ridiculous and just goes to future confirm why men don’t like showing emotions because people will make fun of them for it. He needs to let jada go and if he can’t do that then Jada needs to be a WOMAN and let him go so he can be happy and stable and not slapping innocent comedians in defense of her horrible behind. She didn’t deserve that display of violence he showed Chris rock. I’m just really hurt because two of my favorite people that I grew up with had to meet with this bad publicity. I could care less about Jada and her feelings.

    • drummerboy1 says:

      @Meatball Yeah he’s definitely got something going on, Her name is Jada. She has completely ruined that man on the inside. He has been upset for years

  5. Amuzedbi U says:

    This was assault ! Assault on Chris Rock , assault to every person watching it live, assault to every person who was robbed of their awards attention and to those people nominated, Will Smith stole the show with that slap and he should be charged with ASSAULT!

  6. Koshi Sugawara says:

    Damn ever since Will did this everyone has been talking about him doing this rather than who won the actual Oscar’s

  7. JamMasterJB says:

    I’m a Big Will fan but he needs to be held accountable for his actions. What kind of precedent does this set for comedians in the future that if someone in the crowd is offended by a joke, it’s ok for them to go onstage and punch the comedian in the face? Not good.

    • Ken Bugbee says:

      @Proverbs 31 Comparing hair loss to the loss of a limb is ridiculous.

    • Tess De Castro says:

      Yah I’m from Philippines and I’m fan also, for me Mr. Chris Rock joke is not bad because the j. I Jane movie is beautiful what ever you look she still beautiful. And he said I love you before to throw the joke. Thank you Godbless us all

    • Incognito Bandito says:

      @G M Chris Rock was the only man in that situation. I didn’t know Jada had entanglements with women too.

    • Romeo Molina Jr. says:

      @Kay Grover well that’s your opinion, just an alopecia not a cancer, a lighthearted joke, etc etc. But me or you is not Will Smith who felt for his wife’s miseries and slapped the man who ridiculed her in national TV. He did what he think is right to defend his wife and no matter what will happen to his career. And that for me is brave enough for a man who’s not scared to lose everything for his family.

    • lion zion says:

      @james adams Will smith Is a simp you mean

  8. devansdeb says:

    Smith made an ass of himself with the slap and his screaming filthy words from his seat. Cowardice.

  9. Design Lady says:

    Can someone explain to me why the audience stood and clapped at Will Smith’s acceptance speech??!! He said “love makes you do crazy things”. That’s exactly what violent abusers say to justify their actions. Jada wasn’t in any danger from Chris’ joke. But your ego, Will, was on life support.

    • AQUAPHREESH193 says:

      We all love will’s body of work, but after he started becoming so active on YouTube, I realized he’s a very self righteous pseudo spiritual extra’d out kinda guy.

      Anybody that can read people can tell will was always kind of a fake guy, but this social media era has made it more apparent to me. So now he’s trying to be more transparent and admitting his shit is a facade. That’s why Martin Lawrence isn’t as popular besides his looks. Martin comes across as a REAL dude hence why his Hollywood success isn’t like Will’s.

    • Livvvid says:

      Its an entire room full of pampered woke people that are sheep

    • Well ThisIsInteresting says:

      because most of them in that room as just as deluded and self obsessed

    • Simago Luvz says:

      @Yaya Ceravieja alopecia is ?

    • rhuttrho88 says:

      Love didn’t make Jada not sleep with August!

  10. Ronald Wright says:

    Chris Rock was a class act in this situation. A true professional.

    • trolliac hunter says:

      @MrAnibl will laughed first, shes not suffering btw

    • Kristian Mendez says:

      Shut up Ronald 😂

    • Jimut Jayadev says:

      @Harlin Astary That’s called banter. Americans can never understand it. Buried too deep in cancel culture.

    • MY2 Cent says:

      Do not try and pit one against the other. Chris should have been more inform before cracking a joke on someone. He was out of the loop he had no idea of her struggles. Jadas hair loss was not by choice. Will tried to play it off but could not after seeing her face she was hurt by the attention. He had no choice but to defend her honor. I got nothing to say. Its like me crack jokes on your mom after she went through surgery with you right there. I’m sure you would like that. Chris comment on the actress from 2016 should have been enough!

    • Seth K. says:

      Yea a pro at getting bitxh slapped in front of everyone and acting like it didnt happen.

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