The Problem with Me being Jewish

The Problem with Me being Jewish

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37 Responses

  1. illymation says:

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  2. It's Shark Time says:

    I’m not Jewish, but this is the kind of video we need during these times with anti-semitism on the rise.

  3. Bibliophile_Writer says:

    As a person who’s culturally Muslim, and recently started doing Ramadan and Eid again, it’s great to see videos like these. Even if I don’t believe in god, even if I don’t do things like hajj, it doesn’t make me less worthy of my heritage. It certainly won’t make people treat me any differently than people already do! So great to see someone in a similar situation, and maybe you can learn some Yiddish or Hebrew along the way 🙂

    • Salami says:

      I don’t wanna sound mean or anything but Islam and its practices aren’t cultural, they’re religious, while a jew can refer to a person following the Judaism faith, a person who is ethnically jew, or someone’s nationality.

      Eid-al-fitr and eid-al-adha are Islamic holidays, not a cultural one, anyone can celebrate it, and anyone can fast, but the term culturally muslim is misleading and to my knowledge, incorrect.

      Additionally, hajj is a religious practice, no non-muslim can go to hajj, as Mecca, where the ka’bah is and parts of Medina, the second most holiest site in Islam, are restricted to non-muslims.

    • Mr.Style_223 says:

      ​@Salamiintresting as a non muslim/islam im always interested on their religion/their holiday

    • Salami says:

      ​@Mr.Style_223 Yeah, as a muslim I always find Christianity and especially Judaism very interesting, especially their beliefs and history.

      also, fyi, Islam is the religion, like a muslim follows Islam and a christian follows Christianity, so you wouldn’t say non-islam, like you wouldn’t say non-Christianity.

      But keep learning brother/sister 💪

    • ConfusedCay says:

      Lmao, if you say this irl, you will get hate crimed by Muslims especially the older ones

    • Salami says:

      @ConfusedCay people aren’t culturally muslim, and while muslims should not be harassing people who are learning the faith. However people should understand (and im not saying that anyone here doesn’t understand) that Islam is very rigid, is has not changed other than the shia split. and such forms of appropriation, even if coming from a good place, are still frowned upon.

      And please, do not generalize that you will get hate “crimed” by muslims, this itself is for the lack of a better word, discrimatory or “racist” (again, it’s for the lack of a better word, muslims aren’t a different race, and anyone can become a muslim, with any skin color).

  4. Honeybee🐝 says:

    In my language arts class, when we were watching a video on the holocaust, some kids laughed. My teacher yelled for a good 10 or more minutes at the whole class. I hope that teachers doing good now, because he did the right thing.

    • nadav the dragon says:

      she was doing the right thing sadly here in israel to there are a lot of jokes about this sensative mater. its just sad.

    • Fishmos says:

      It’s so sad that people actually think that something like the holocaust is something okay to joke about, I’ve had similar experiences when we were learning about the holocaust some people in my class were joking and even jokingly doing the n@zi salut and stuff honestly it’s horrible. And sad to see some people having so little respect for so much suffering.

    • Zillion 895 says:

      omg same so on a video it showed a picture of the housing and a bunch of super super lanky undernourished people and this kid yelled out “is that Slenderman??” and i am not kidding every single kid in the room looked at him with the most disgusted face ever, the teacher yelled at him

    • BlankBrain says:

      god one time in my class a girl started laughing at the 9/11 towers falling, i cant believe people laugh at these tragedies

    • Audrey Reil says:

      Oh yeah, I was watching a typical video and a picture of H*tler (should that be censored?) came up and someone said “Ayo, why he kinda hot?” My hope died that day

  5. ginger emu says:

    my old roommate is jewish and for the year we lived together we celebrated every jewish holiday and I learned so much! it truly is a beautiful culture and religion with an insanely vast and rich history! If youve never celebrated any of the holidays I recommend finding someone who does and experiencing it!

    • nadav the dragon says:

      well, as a jewish israely from birth i vave to say that you are 100% right. but i allso recomand you “celebraitng” the two momorial days we have, becuse the two of them perfectly simbulise the stugles we the juws went throw, from the holocost to this war that never stops, inosent lives of people taken away just becuse they ware born in israel and put in the army. (but allso celebrate all of thye diferent holydays. its fun, we have a lot of them, we literly have a day to celebrate trees, its awsom!!)

  6. Pink Iced Tea says:

    It’s so nice to see a storytime video about being Jewish! I was nodding along the whole time. Thank you for shining a light on our community.

  7. Angela Lycos2.0 says:

    Yeah….that’s almost as infuriating as “You don’t look autistic.” Wth does someone’s looks have to do with what’s going on with them?

  8. matt says:

    The fact that you got doxxed and threatened for your heritage is seriously messed up. You can’t change where you come from.

  9. D Dynodd says:

    Thank you for talking about this! As someone who is also from a Christian/Jewish family, it was very reassuring to hear I’m not alone.

  10. CeasingHornet40 :D says:

    this video came at a perfect time. the crazy amount of antisemitism happening around the world is terrifying, and i’m not even jewish. i’m worried for all my jewish friends, the stuff they tell me about the hate they experience is shocking.

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