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32 Responses

  1. Pure Panic says:

    So exited that babies will no longer be imprisoned in the bassinet!

    • Miss Lauren of Hyrule says:

      @Froggy my daughter turns 2 next month and every day is just non stop entertainment but honestly between the no sleep, the tedious routines and the general nothingness that comes from a baby in the first while it was boring as hell🤣 attack on titans final season part 1 was the only thing I had to look forward to… it might have been more fun if I was able to get out my house but covid lockdowns made that non existent🤣

    • Froggy says:

      @Miss Lauren of Hyrule I still remember what it was like eight years ago helping my mom with my newborn brother, babies are so dull before they learn to crawl and walk! They just sleep, shit, and cry lol. I’ve always just wished that the sims had a stage between newborn and toddlers so I could have a little more fun with them. Even in the sims 3 I was able to put them on the floor, y’know?

    • Miss Lauren of Hyrule says:

      @Froggy wait till you find out what having a real newborn baby is like💀🤣🤣 hint: it’s boring🤣

    • Sad Man says:

      I read that as “basement” and I was like “wdym? I’m not letting them out!”

    • shook lizard says:

      Finally I can play sims 4 again was waiting for my babiesss

  2. Julia says:

    I’m looking forward to having babies that aren’t chained to the bassinet 😂 although I’m having flashbacks to when I played the Sims 3 and my sim would just leave their baby on the ground and I’d wind up searching the entire house for where the heck they left the baby at

    • Guy Katz says:

      @Samantha Kate I think they did in the sims 3

    • Guy Katz says:

      @Wildflower Wingz this one, I had also lost the dogs and cats constantly in there

    • Guy Katz says:

      That sims 3 memory lols

    • Ispeek Random says:

      Them being able to take babies wherever ended up with a teen sim taking a baby to school. I couldn’t get him to put the baby down and I was so worried lol

    • Chelsea Williams says:

      I love that babies are gonna finally be free, but I’m looking forward to seeing the glitches or bugs that may or may not come with that new feature in the sims help forum “my baby keep getting stuck under the table,” “my baby got stuck outside of the lot while I was using the TOOL mod,” “my baby keeps crawling through walls” 🤣

  3. Hannah says:

    Kayla’s always so surprised when she gets a glimpse of how important she is to the community 🥺

  4. KingBeans says:

    Sidenote; Simsie’s eye contact game is impeccable. She’s staring into my soul the entire intro.

    • Crimson Akato says:

      and that’s why I’m not looking at the screen
      I rather see a slideshow of images and videos . not stare at her face the whole 17 minutes .. and personally too close to the camera too . I like when people stand back a bit more

      but then again I’m not here fir her I just need a sorta quick recap of the stream . and this was the first in my algorithm

  5. E Holly says:

    Denture/underwear/memory box is definitely a generation pack hint. The baby update will come out with that pack. Concept art with baby carrier with be the new world for the generation pack. The pack will be all about babies and pregnancy, family, and elderly Sims so it won’t step on the Parenthood pack.

    The bedroom and kitchen concept art looks like a wood or artisan furniture pack or kit. Maybe the other world concept art could be artisan furniture markets? (Or entirely a different unrelated pack…. So in that regard it’s be two packs and a kit which would be cool too, I guess.)

    • Amanda Tracera says:

      YES!! Also, the new world with the bridge and all was giving suburban vibes, I guess? With the kid riding a bike, the baby, the city far away, lots of trees… Looked a lot like “a nice place away from the city to start your family” kinda thing.

    • Nohemi says:

      PLEASE, I would love the Daycare career coming back!!!

    • elishibishi fish says:

      Totally agree, everything screams generations

  6. NMRIH is a great Source mod - blessed by Cory's lip says:

    I love how many people are more excited over baby update than Sims 5 itself lmao

    • Dani Tho says:

      @RandomPerson101 Yeah, especially for the people who wanted it so bad. But I’ll probably just age them up regardless 😅

    • RandomPerson101 says:

      @Dani Tho Yeah dani I understand, but hopefully they ar emore interactive you know and not unrealistic

    • RandomPerson101 says:

      ​@Megan Jester OH LORD WE GET BABIES ON THE SIMS 4?????? I misunderstood ya’ im happyyyy

    • RandomPerson101 says:

      @MsEpiphany But my thing is, aren’t they just going to add the babies on the sims 5?

    • RandomPerson101 says:

      I hate that this will be the sims 5, I still feel like they needed to improve the Sims 4; especially since I paid 40 dollars each per expansion pack. I recently just purchased another. I also feel like the sims 5 should be free at least since they’re just going to want us to purchase a lot of expansion packs.

      I just wish they would add generations to the sims 4, to me this is a huge gimmick. Soon we will complain about the sims 5 not being “realistic” enough, I just feel like they will come out with the sims 6 causing us to spend even more money. I do like the fact that they will be adding multiplayer (at least I think) but I really don’t understand creating a whole new version of the sims JUST centered on babies, to me that’s an add on that the sims 4 needed. I have heard of new builds, new worlds maybe cars perhaps but, We should’ve just got all of that with sims 4, base game at that. It is really making me angry that even when we purchase the sims 5 we may have to spend 40 dollars to get generations. I was hoping that the sims 5 would take a whole new turn while they just worked on fixing the sims 4 that everyone is still spending money on. If they are going to make this the sims 5, why are the graphics for babies the exact same as the sims 4?…I mean they couldn’t make the sims more realistic? where is the baby fat the drool? we need it all.

  7. AceBildz says:

    I’m just gonna drop this comment here… after seeing all the strawberries on your end page, I’m wondering if the Strawberry Kit is a clutter kit done in collaboration with you, Kayla. You got to pick a bunch of items you wanted for the game that you felt were missing, and used the strawberry as your icon. I know it’s far-fetched, but stranger things have happened in the Sims… Also, that there is a strawberry table like the one you mentioned in the video you did the other day, as THE signature strawberry item. I’m on to you?

  8. HN Cooper-Hermens says:

    Been wanting a color wheel forever. Colors and textures was one of the best features in sims 3 that is desperately missed.

    • Fiera the Proud says:

      ​@Vee honestly, even if a true open world like Sims 3 would be too taxing for most computers for whatever reason, I feel like they could at least have some areas of the world loaded. If only so I don’t need to see a loading screen just for visiting the next door neighbors.

    • Vee says:

      I hope we also get the open world back. I’m sure they could make it a lot more optimized than TS3’s.

  9. Macayla Sowards says:

    The best part of this was watching Kayla seeing herself as part of that stream and be reminded she’s an important voice in the community

  10. Dare Wedgeworth says:

    watching kayla react to herself popping up in the livestream is so heartwarming 🥰

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