The Super Mario Bros Movie – Is It Good or Nah?

The Super Mario Bros Movie – Is It Good or Nah?

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Schaff is hooked on the brothers! Or maybe he isn’t! Watch the review to find out

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47 Responses

  1. MythicBeanProductions says:

    Tbh Luigi getting sidelined despite being a great character is also canonically accurate

    • DvH2 says:

      @Brok you hit me where it hurt

    • SmallRockStudios says:


    • Brok says:

      @𝔀𝓱𝓮𝓻𝓮𝓽𝓯𝓪𝓶𝓲 Everyone forgets about Luigi’s Mansion because Luigi’s Mansion is nothing but forgettable.

    • Myahster says:

      In the Mario&Luigi games there’s actually more moments where Mario gets sidelined and you have to play as Luigi solo.

      For example, in Superstar Saga when Mario gets poisoned and Luigi has to go retrieve an antidote.

    • Duskool says:

      I’m sure that that will be his plotline for the sequel, him being sidelined by the entire Mushroom Kingdom, i just hope they don’t go as far to be as mean to him as they were in the M&L series because they just took it to a whole other level of just straight up bullying Luigi there…

  2. Aria: Come Fast To Get Into My Body says:

    When I walked out of the theater, most of the people were singing the Peaches song, and some were humming. Bowser really touched the heart of the audience with his voice and shows that Jack Black was the best part of this movie

  3. Milkias Samuel says:

    One thing I personally liked about the characterisation of Mario and Luigi was the brotherly love they had for each other. Although Luigi does get unfairly limited screen time in the movie, and I know a lot of people like to make fun of or make parodies about Mario being a bigshot and hogging the spotlight while Luigi always gets bullied, I was really touched by the brotherly bond the two had in this film, and it really warmed my heart to see how much the two cared about each other, and seeing how close Mario was to break down in tears after reuniting with his brother was quite wholesome. Not to mention Mario always looking out for his little bro and Luigi supporting his brother’s dream and overcoming his fear in the final act. Reminded me of my connection with my brother

    • Rafiki says:

      I aint reading allat

    • Grane1234 says:

      Yeah, even looking at the first part where the 2 are running to their first plumbing job and are running through a construction site, Mario is constantly making a path for Luigi since he knows he can’t do it himself

    • Everything Z says:

      I agree!

    • Hype VoiceActing says:

      Y E S

      This movie does a great job conveying how much the Bros care for each other in spite of how little screen time Luigi has (let alone how little he had with Mario)

      I know it doesn’t seem like much to a casual observer, but as someone who’s fed up with all the mean spirited parodies that make Mario out to be a horrible brother, this was a blessing to the Mario fan in me~

  4. petarda98pl says:

    What makes a movie good:
    -Good emotional moments

  5. Strymes49 says:

    Fun fact: the scene where Take On Me plays was actually originally a scene where an original music track was meant to play called “Drivin’ Me Bananas”. Someone on twitter edited the clip with that scrapped music over top instead of Take On Me and it fit absolutely perfectly. The track had references to Donkey Kong music in it as well including the Jungle Hijinx music and the main theme of DKC Returns. It would’ve fit so well in this movie so it sucks they went with that very last minute switch for seemingly no reason.

  6. Petros says:

    The few character moments that there was I really liked. I feel like Mario and Luigi’s relationship was the heart of the movie.

    • Mr. XBukowski says:

      Ya although Luigi got sidelined there were definitely a good amount of moments highlighting this. Loved the Baby Mario scene that was adorable

  7. Cyrus Waugh says:

    What I appreciate about schaff is how he brings a level of sanity to toxic media discourse

    • Dolphanatic says:

      He used to be level-headed, but his newer videos are peppered with incendiary remarks about other content creators that are completely unnecessary. See the 1:20 mark in this video for example. He didn’t need to attack Grace Randolph like that just because he disagreed with her opinion on a movie. It’s just childish and makes me reconsider being subscribed to him.

    • FiammaOrSmth says:

      ​@Agent X …

    • George says:

      ​@Agent X but it’s also creepy as hell

  8. The Lizord says:

    Dude I legit starting to cry when Mario and Luigi hugged after seeing each other again there brother yo brother relationship was kind of amazingly done

  9. CheeseyChuu says:

    I’ve loved Princess Peach all my life and was initially worried after seeing her with a deeper voice and tough personality in the trailers- cuz while Peach can be a kickass I was worried they’d overdo the girlboss thing. I was SO glad that they made her a strong female character that wasn’t obnoxious with the “girl power” in the slightest 🙏

  10. Dan_Ganing_Fan says:

    I saw this movie in IMAX, and it was awesome. Just pure, unadulterated fun. It’s got amazing animation, awesome references, colorful action and great, non cringy humor. In addition to Jack Black’s incredible performance and banger song, “Peaches”. It’s definitely the best movie Illumination has put out yet, apart from _Despicable Me._

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