The Ultimate Armor Stand Trap

The Ultimate Armor Stand Trap

There are a lot of Traps in this video

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-Epidemic sound- referal link ⬆

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35 Responses

  1. Stride lul says:

    Everyone else: We need a new ore hunt!
    Me: **Still wondering why he skipped runs 4 and 5 in the speedrun video**

  2. YeetDaCleetus says:

    I have not watched this yet but I know this is gonna be a BANGER

  3. Hayabusa5812 says:

    Lifesteal has really gotten alot more chaotic since the start lol

  4. Parrot says:

    Rekrap is hunted more than clownpierce

  5. opistho says:

    Everyone in the smp is so enjoyable i always love listening to it you guys always have stuff do you its just amazing.

  6. TheTerrain says:

    “Now this looks weird. We have amongus, amongus, amongus, amongus, and 50 more” BEST REKRAP2 QUOTE EVER

  7. Beppo says:

    This is one of the best minecraft videos I’ve seen.

  8. Leowook says:

    You were lucky this time rekrap, next time not so much

  9. roshambogames says:

    rek has a 6th sense for traps

  10. SAI says:

    The special thing about this smp that it’s not scripted and they’re content is 100 percent real

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