The Weeknd Made a TV Show. It’s a Complete Disaster.

The Weeknd Made a TV Show. It’s a Complete Disaster.

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The Idol directed by Euphoria’s Sam Levinson starring pop phenom Abel “The Weeknd” Tesfaye and Lily-Rose Depp is now available on HBO and Max. I kind of wish it wasn’t!

0:00 – intro
3:07 – over before it started
8:36 – the idle
32:17 – ♫ reviews are bleak, yeah ♫
35:22 – conclusion

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47 Responses

  1. D'Angelo Wallace says:

    y’all better be staying hydrated, especially with a show this thirsty 💀 so thank you to liquid i.v. for sponsoring this video! click here for free shipping when you purchase a hydration sample pack 😀

  2. ToastedPeaches • says:

    Not really that surprising that this show, which was supposed to be about misogyny in the industry, would also be a breeding ground for the exact thing they’re criticising. Especially with the blatantly sexualised and terribly written female characters. The fact they fired the female director for shoving too much of a ‘female perspective’ cements this.

    Plus… getting Sam Levinson of all people to critique misogyny is rich💀

  3. Lunacy says:

    D’Angelo saying this whole episode felt like an extended version of one of The Weeknd’s music videos was the most accurate representation of what I just watched💀

  4. Spider says:

    The fact that they were worried about there being “too much of a female perspective” when the main character is a woman is rather concerning

  5. RiaxaraCo says:

    “One of them is 365 days and the other is only the weekend” the way D’Angelo manages to be so effortlessly funny will never cease to amaze me

  6. nicole perry says:

    The fact that the weeknd cant pull off sexy/smarmy creep is hysterical to me because thats his whole brand

  7. Spiral Nerd says:

    To me as a photographer, that very first scene where the photographer directs her through the sequence of laughter, innocence, mischievous/playful, sexual, vulnerable, emotional/crying struck me as a pretty gnarly/heavy sequence of emotions especially in the specific order they were in, a very not trauma informed way to direct a shoot, and possibly some heavy handed foreshadowing of the sequence the show wants to take this character through.

    • a. evelyn says:

      I actually liked that too. I do think it was very telling. I saw the clip, did not watch the episode, nor do I wish to watch the show.

    • Erlynbebe says:

      From articles Levison mentioned how he edited the script too include very trauma inducing sexual raape-esque scenes and the team had to stop him from pushing the scenes on it too far since they were apparently getting too intense. So it wouldn’t be surprising to see more after how they wrote these last 2 episodes

    • Helin Güneş says:

      Yeah i rlly enjoyed that scene

  8. Adil78 says:

    It’s unfortunate to see a show with a very interesting premise and with a lot of potential be turned into garbage

  9. 011mph says:

    I’m shcoked that people are just now calling sam levinson’s weirdness out. Euphoria is full of nasty stuff. The very first episode of euphoria even showed a grown man having sex with a child.

    I feel like the idol’s cringey dialogue is so on brand for Sam Levinson.

    • 양송 says:

      People have been calling out him and Euphoria since like forever. It’s not like people are noticing the issues only now

    • MysteriousCarnation says:

      There’s another show I’ll never bother with, I didn’t know, thanks for the warning. It’s scary the all the people I’ve seen praise that show never once mentioned that.

    • 011mph says:

      @MysteriousCarnation the only good thing about Euphoria is Zendaya’s acting skills. Other than that, the it’s disgusting festish stuff and minimal plot.

  10. RobynR says:

    My daughter (18) and I were so excited to watch the first episode. She’d pumped me up on it for days prior like it was going to be amazing. I NEVER watch tv but we made a date of it. And by the end of it we were both sitting there in stunned silence jaws hanging open but no words appropriate to describe how we felt about the shit show we just witnessed. we both decided we needed therapy to recover after what tf we just sat thro. It was BEYOND HORRIBLE!!!! 😂😂 seriously bad!!!!

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