weird dreams

weird dreams

today we tell about our weird dreams animations
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38 Responses

  1. Billy Bob Jones says:

    Blazas cow fish is the best story I’ve ever heard in my life. Humorous, suspensful, and complex. But not too complex

  2. nausicaa wong says:

    Blaza always have the funniest stories 🙂

  3. Dah pumpkin vr says:

    We all agree blaza is the funnest friend of the whole group

  4. Iker Dominguez says:

    We can all agree that blaza tells the best stories ever

  5. Mighty Turtle 72 says:

    We can all agree that Blaza tells the funniest stories😂

  6. Incepter says:

    Blaza’s dream was so inspirational, sad and hilarious at the same time, while Ally got cut off like five times while trying to talk about her weird dream.

  7. kulit kids inc. says:

    Bro allys stories are always drawn so well

  8. StarDee says:

    Is it weird that I actually started to cry during Blaza’s BeAuTiFuL story?

  9. Canadian boi says:

    Blaza always does the sounds of everything lol

  10. Fireguy shorts says:

    Yes, blaza had the funniest storys but muffin had the most relatable one

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