THE FINAL CHARACTER IS HERE! Sakurai has revealed it to be by far the number one most requested character for the Super Smash Bros series, and that is Sora from Kingdom Hearts. In the next video we’ll reveal his gameplay and see how he works.

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44 Responses

  1. Stolen Memes says:

    That trailer was so emotional towards the end. I don’t play Kingdom Hearts, but man this trailer was so good

    • Stolen Memes says:

      @DevonsTooMuch never said ANYTHING about your feelings. There’s questions you ask and ones that you keep to yourself cause they’re weird (like you). So just keep them to yourself. Everyone has their own emotions and you can’t say mine belong to others. Hypocritical of you to start protecting your feelings because I was targeting them, yet you were doing the same towards me.

    • DevonsTooMuch says:

      @Stolen Memes “weird that people like you are salty” are you alright man. youre like hyper defensive to the point where you cant even have a normal conversation & you wanna talk about weird. dude youre loosing it.

    • Stolen Memes says:

      @DevonsTooMuch what conversation was there to have with that weird ass question 💀

    • Stolen Memes says:

      @DevonsTooMuch also whatever. Have a good rest of your day

    • DevonsTooMuch says:

      @Stolen Memes is its all good man. thank you. you too.

  2. woody72691 says:

    When Sora sealed the last keyhole in Kingdom Hearts he unlocked the keyhole for smash ultimate

  3. Gi says:

    Smash Bros Ultimate is going to be a legendary game when we look at the past in a few years. Be happy that you could be part of this game’s best era!

  4. DallaswithaD says:

    That reveal trailer was so wholesome and magical. It felt like a trailer that knew it was the last one, y’know? Seeing Sora fly through the whole cast with the swelling of a bittersweet orchestra was so beautiful. Happy to see the fighters ballot influence Smash Bros., cuz its what the community wants. What a ride, man. Dang.

    • Nurfboy says:

      @Jared Wong-Bynoe …but Waluigi IS a video game character. He’s an official Nintendo character. He’s only been in the spin-off games like Party and Kart. Yes, he doesn’t have his own game, but Ridley doesn’t “have his own game”, he’s part of Samus’ game. The spin-off Mario games are still games.

    • Jared Wong-Bynoe says:

      @Nurfboy 1)Ridley is an antagonist aka THE BAD GUY
      2)I know who he is but am feed up with the whole make waluigi a fighter
      3)people literally want him for the memes and nothing else

    • Pocket Infinity says:

      The music really help convey a “finale” feel to the trailer

    • GlitchmanVGM says:

      Yeah, this was something!

    • capt truth says:

      @GameBroJeremy the next smash will either be a port of this game or a toned down crappier version of this without Sakurai as creative director. This is basically the final smash.

  5. Ludvix says:

    freaking legendary :’)

  6. Ujico*/Snail's House says:

    Got emotional watching you get teary eyes man, this is big (enjoy your 50 subs btw, was great catching you live)

  7. Avery the Cuban-American says:

    Watching the first ten seconds of the reveal gave me so many chills with all the characters there watching the final one. The throwback to when the game was first revealed was a beautiful touch. And they ended it with a bang…
    it doesn’t matter who the final character was. Whether it was gonna be controversial or a fan favorite, what we can all agree on now is that Sakurai and his team created a game that people will be playing and talking about forever. It’s been an absolute Space Mountain of a journey. And seeing it actually come to an end now is so bittersweet…. *I’m not tearbending, YOU are*


    • Nick Cribbs says:

      wait are they not making smash anymore? i needa start playing this again i havent oaid attention to anything lol and why is everyone freaking out abt sora

    • CrazyGamer YT says:

      @Nick Cribbs it’s the most highly requested character for smash literally in the world.

      Like literally since the beginning of smash. It’s soo beautiful

  8. SilverStoneX says:

    Straight TEARS in the middle of the street. Welcome to Smash, Sora.

  9. Sasuke Girl says:

    I’m glad to see other people realize and see how celebratory Sora’s reveal trailer felt. It felt like a celebration of finally letting fans know “hey, we hear you guys, and we got you” and I loved it. I’m not someone who grew up with Kingdom Hearts, I didn’t even play it at all. But I was still happy for him because it just felt so wholesome.

  10. CistReactZ says:

    I had to come see how GoatBox reacted

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