They Should Have Never Let This Happen

They Should Have Never Let This Happen

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41 Responses

  1. stackinwitdee! says:

    Can’t wait to see how this duo and bucks as a whole perform this season.

  2. brakmaster says:

    This was the pairing I was dreaming of for Giannis. I am so happy for the Bucks!

    • Noah says:

      Bucks Warriors final Dame or Cp3 to win there first ring

    • Mr.E says:

      Yea same. I was hoping they’d pair up ine day. Still sad seeing jrue go tho, hopefully the bucks can get him back on the team later down the line Luke the Celtics did with al Horford after letting him go

    • Γιώργος Καπάτος says:

      Both Giannis and Dame are highly motivated, professional, humble and great players. They also appreciate each other as it looks like. So good chemistry is on the table. With Khris and Brook’s help and luck on their side they might get that ring!

    • Benjamin K says:

      It’s gonna be interesting to watch the floor stretch. Giannis sucks everyone in toward the bucket and Dame has nearly Steph-like gravity (note: commenting before finishing the video lol).

  3. Kyle Justine Jann Rodriguez says:

    What’s not mentioned in this video is the fact that they have a 3rd player (Khris Middleton) who’s gonna be open more than half the time AND other complimentary pieces which are vital to win it all (Connaughton, Lopez, Beasly, Portis) and other vets. Safe to say they are the favorites.

    • Nintendo Prime says:

      The fact Khris Middleton will never be double teamed ever almost has be drooling. The dude is a mid range sniper and a great 3 point shooter. He’s not the best dribbler, so his worst moments often came when double teamed. Yeah, that ain’t happening anymore.

    • EventuallyRoadsLedMe… says:

      I thought Middleton was going to get traded with Jrue. But kudos to the Bucks for still keeping him.

    • NewRim Hoops says:

      They aren’t better than Denver still lol.

    • Dougnsalem says:

      And not much is being said about Dame having already played with Pat, Robin, and having Stotts as a coach. As a Blazer fan, I’d LOVE to see those guys win a ring. They deserve it, along with the Bucks franchise.

    • Taurean Z Depp says:

      ​@NewRim Hoops I’d say Bucks better because they can score with Nuggets and have potential to be better than Nuggets defensively

  4. Oregon Basketball says:

    Speaking as a lifelong Blazers fan, who grew up watching Damian, I can hardly remember the Blazers without him, and I mean that in a literal sense because I was 8 when he was drafted. It makes me incredibly sad to see everything that’s happened the past 2 years, I’m honestly glad to have this whole saga over with. The rumor about Dame saying he would stay if Miami didn’t work out and Cronin saying no does make it sting a little more. But honestly I’m glad he went to the Bucks I wouldn’t have loved rooting for Miami and couldn’t have rooted for the Celtics or 76ers too strongly, I also think they have a better chance of winning than Miami and I am a Damian Lillard fan which now makes me a Bucks fan (Blazers still #1 though)! I do wish we could’ve built around Damian in Portland, but the future is bright! For Dame, and the Blazers!

    • Geneekrd says:

      Real. W fan

    • Theo Vonn says:

      I’m from they bay and have been blessed with this Warriors team over the past decade or so. But I do love Damian and have a lot of respect for the time and effort he put into Portland. It just disappointing they couldn’t give him the opportunity he deserves to win a title.
      I really hope for the best for Bucks this season. If Dame Dolla wins a title… that’s a W for everyone IMO

    • Mohamed Hussein says:

      Agree man a die hard Damian fan and i wish him the best in the bucks, and hopefully he gets that ring he deserves and my african brother can be one step closer to a Goat.

    • Mathias Pereira says:

      I truly think it is impossible to be a blazers fan and not a Lillard fan. The man tried so hard you can’t hold anything against him really

    • Thomas Barry says:

      @Mathias Pereira that’s cap

  5. CoryWittaMori says:

    The fact that it’s Giannis and a top 3 pg is crazy. Really hit the nail on the head when you analyzed the complimentary nature of their styles tho. The league is in for a rough year. Happy to see dame in the east. Excited for my cavs to have the honor of testing themselves against such a pairing

  6. Daniel Dawang says:

    Giannis pull is too great. Just by the way he talks with conviction flipped the Bucks management and made a history with this match made in heaven. I just can’t wait to see Giannis dominate the league once more without even leaving but pulling those with the same mentality. Now we see how they will go out

    • Nintendo Prime says:

      Yup, and Horst did the right thing in not consulting Giannis on trading Jrue. Giannis words after the trade… he f’ing loves Jrue Holiday. Like a brother. He talked about how F’ing amazing he is as a person on but even more so off the court, and that Jrue has become his brother for life. There are zero scenarios where Giannis would have been comfortable ever signing off on trading Jrue. But the same is also true if they traded Middleton instead.

      Horst had to pull the trigger without Giannis knowing Jrue was on his way out. Realistically there was no way to do the trade salary wise without Jrue or Khris leaving.

      But. Giannis statements were as clear as they were when they traded for Jrue. I love it in Milwaukee. Of course I want to play there for life. But I don’t want to play there and never win a title again, I want to be competing for one every season.

      This trade was a move to do that.

      It sucks for the Bucks too, because just this past march Giannis was all in on bucks for life. They had the #1 overall record in the NBA. That first round exist really, really bothers him. He finds it unacceptable that his team can’t get out of the first round even if he’s hurt. With Dame, I think for the most part if Giannis was hurt again they could get through with him, Khris, and Brook.

      Anyways, as heartbroken as Giannis is over Jrue, he cannot question the Bucks commitment to titles. They just traded for a bonafide superstar that is the next best thing to Steph who is under team control for FOUR MORE YEARS.

  7. Omar Alsouqi says:

    It’s hard for me to accept the fact that Dame is no longer a Blazer, but he deserves to win a ring. The Blazers failed him and he wanted to bring us a championship but it never happened

  8. nickpr. says:

    As a Bucks fan I’m cautiously enthusiastic. The pairing looks amazing theoretically, but I want to see them in action and especially with a new to the team and to the NBA coach, before I start placing championship bets.

    • AMarq13 says:

      Get ready bro!

    • Γιώργος Καπάτος says:

      Jrue out makes Bucks little worse on defense~ fact. Dame in makes the Bucks better on offense~ fact. We don’t know what’s going to happen until we see it~ fact. The most likely duo to win the title would have being Luka and Jokic or Luka and Giannis~ fact.

    • Fellegord says:

      Bucks will win 61 games.

  9. Andrea Ricca says:

    I believe that this is gonna work just great. Unlike other experimental super duos, what’s different about Giannis e Dame Is the mindset. Two “old school” players focused on the process and the result. Professionals who know what needs to be done, sometimes putting the team before the individual (not like Harden or Kyrie).
    I think we’re gonna be shocked on how well this is going to work.

    • Arvin says:

      I don’t think anyone will be ‘shocked’. Everyone I’ve seen has said that they’re the favourites to win the chip. I’ve seen a couple put Celtics/nuggets over them but it’s safe to say there’s an incredible amount of hype between Giannis and dame

  10. Ivan Titus says:

    The minute I saw this transfer happened, I knew Jimmy will make a video about this. This trade will make history if both of them stay healthy

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