Terence Crawford IMMEDIATE reaction to Canelo beating Jermell Charlo! says he gave too much RESPECT!

Terence Crawford IMMEDIATE reaction to Canelo beating Jermell Charlo! says he gave too much RESPECT!

Terence Crawford IMMEDIATE reaction to Canelo beating Jermell Charlo! says he gave too much RESPECT!

We catch up with Terence Crawford immediately after the canelo vs charlo fight, as he feels Jermell Charlo gave Canelo too much respect and that he didnt fight his fight at all

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50 Responses

  1. Fight Hub TV says:

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  2. Dennis Galabo says:

    People have been saying for years Canelo was ducking Charlo, lol!! Charlo made his best impression of a moving heavy bag in the fight. Fought scared. Didnt even try to do anything to actually win. The post fight interview said it all, he was ecstatic he wasnt knocked out. He was happy just to survive. His trainer was begging him to actually do something, but he was happy to just survive. Pffft!

  3. Retired Mindset says:

    People are saying he gave Canelo too much respect. Bro he was the one in the ring feeling the punches. When Canelo was throwing those hard hooks, hell I felt the intensity of the punch.

    • Mr E says:

      Lol someone with a brain that’s why he moved alot after he felt that shit

    • LOKOKRZ.GAMING says:

      Yeah shit he didn’t want step in and get knock out did you see his reaction as he saw that punch before he got dropped ? Dude closed his eyes he saw that shit coming and there was not a damn thing he could do about it 😂😂

    • Golden Sperm says:

      Yeah most casuals don’t understand that when u fight someone who loves punching livers and doing left hooks, u will be a lot more cautious

    • Gaming Adventure says:

      your a casual, to get a puncher off you, you must THROW BACK If you shell up its gonna be worse hahaha
      take this L

    • Retired Mindset says:

      @Gaming Adventure He did throw back. He didn’t have enough power at that weight class to keep Canelo off him.

  4. ecw787 says:

    He made it look easy. Fighters become very timid once they are in the ring with Canelo. He has a ringn presence which commands respect. Fighters are in constant fear of being countered.


    That security guard nearly got himself knocked out running up like that wtf

  6. Golden Sperm says:

    Canelo did a lot of punches in this fight. Left hook to the liver and face. Over right hand. Stiff jabs. And some straight right hands to the face and body. Lastly, a very impressive stamina compared to previous fights

    Canelo should realize that his stiff jabs are actually top tier. When he uses it, his opponents backs off. It’s very hard and it’s quick as well. Such an underrated weapon for him. He did this against Triple G in their second fight that is why he was effective with the pressure

  7. Raul Rodriguez says:

    No he felt them power punches. Thats why charlo got scared

    • Don Johnson says:

      Canelo didn’t even give him the smoke if that was real and charlo was fighting like that charlo should have got slept all day shit was fake glad I didn’t pay for that pathetic excuse for a fight

    • Heady head says:

      Canelo didn’t do anything 😂 such an exciting boxer

    • The 5 min Sum says:

      @Don Johnsonif the fight was fake wouldn’t they fake a knockout to make canelo look better? Your little conspiracy theory doesn’t even make sense😂

    • TheRealB1gA says:

      @Heady headand Charlo did right ? 😭

    • TTrill says:

      I think he was more scared of getting caught with a counter punch. When he threw combos Canelo was off balance and at times on his back foot but the respect he had for the counter punch especially he’s hook he eased off and honestly he took those punches really well. Charlo has a good chin.

  8. Jimmy007 says:

    Run Charlo Run 🏃 😂

    • Tito Aranda says:

      Run crawford run what happen yall mad come on crawford got shocked cabelo the boogeyman

    • OTMLAWNCARE says:

      Crawford a 🤡dude really think he can go up 3 weight classes 😂

    • 3ClapsandaRicFlair says:

      His game plan was movement from the beginning you can call it running but it’s called movement. He tried to use the Lara and plant game plan but he didn’t have the activity as Lara and plant

  9. Catherine Dimaculangan says:

    Real talk bud, but i think charlo felt the power of canelo in early rounds

  10. Andrew says:

    I’m the biggest Crawford fan and think he beats Charlo at 154, but if he were in there he’d do the same shit. Once you feel that Canelo bodyshot to the ribs, you have to respect what’s coming back. GGG and Bivol are clearly special fighters

    Edit: By “Special”, I mean the ability to take Canelo’s power and be unaffected by it

    You guys only care about technical skills. I KNOW Crawford is more technical than Canelo but power matters and boxing isn’t won on technique alone. Power is an attribute too. No matter how good Bud is, if he can’t take the shots or keep Canelo off him, he’s losing

    • zionen01 says:

      Even Bivol was backing up most of that fight and only gained advantage when Canelo gassed out. Crawford is the better boxer but it’s hard to see him hurting Canelo.

    • TRU Loo says:

      bud would smoke redhead like im doing this newport son lmao

    • alcott devalte says:

      Crawford tends to do special things as well. I just want to see this matchup.

    • Andrew says:

      @alcott devalte no I know Crawford is special. I mean GGG and Bivol are special to take Canelo’s power and move forward

    • jperez_ beast8 says:

      @TRU LooYou smoking something and it aint a newport buddy theres weight classes for a reason crawford would get bullied

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