This Ball is Impossible to Hit

This Ball is Impossible to Hit

I think next season’s rules will include some revisions.
Welcome to your LEAST BORING SUMMER EVER! Come join me at Camp CrunchLabs all summer long-

Special thanks to Kyle and his league for being such good sports and for showcasing their skills. Follow the MLW season by subscribing to their channel! You won’t regret it-

You should also go subscribe to the CrunchLabs YouTube channel cause we’ve got some bangers in the pipeline-

Thanks to these folks for providing some of the music in the video:
Ponder –
Laura Shigihara – @supershigi
Andrew Applepie – Blue Wednesday –

NO PURCHASE NECESSARY. Promotion starts on 1/1/2023 & ends on 12/31/23, subject to monthly entry deadlines. Open to legal residents of the 50 U.S. & D.C., 18+. 1 prize per month: each month is its own separate promotion. For the first 2-3 months, winner may be notified via phone call instead of winning game piece. If a monthly prize is unclaimed/forfeited, it will be awarded via 2nd chance drawing. See Official Rules at for full details on eligibility requirements, how to enter, free method of entry, prize claim procedure, prize description and limitations. Void where prohibited.

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35 Responses

  1. Mark Rober says:

    Welcome to your LEAST BORING SUMMER EVER! Come join me at Camp CrunchLabs all summer long-

  2. Pepeutra says:

    This is like the mad scientist villain in a cartoon trying to cheat in a friendly competition, but the cheating inventions didn’t backfire

  3. JRodizAwesome says:

    There’s story telling, there’s science, there’s innovation and engineering. Wish we had someone like Mark when I was growing up.

  4. Firstname Lastname says:

    Knorp came expecting wiffle ball while Mark was actually playing Calvin ball. Absolutely brilliant! Gotta give them credit though, the pros seemed to be taking it all in stride!

  5. Jammes Dean says:

    Mark is literally living a cartoon-level plot line in this

  6. Cavemanjojogaming Myers says:

    This man’s YouTube videos always feel like storybooks. What an experience.

  7. ターニャ says:

    Stepping forward to catch the ball before it split was utter genuis, realising that in the moment is so impressive

  8. A Watermelon says:

    Mark is the only person who can get away with blatantly cheating because of how cool it is. 😂

  9. Conor Holmes says:

    The crossover I never knew I needed 😮 huge MLW fan, didn’t think it could get better

  10. Joshua says:

    This is exactly why I love Marks content. Light hearted relatable humor with educational elements that make sense to everyone.

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