This came out Bussin! #FYP #Dpeezy2099 #Tiktok

This came out Bussin! #FYP #Dpeezy2099 #Tiktok

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23 Responses

  1. Michael Arizmendi says:

    Y’all boys keep your head up and keep living safe I respect the game

  2. bxmully says:

    Never ceases to amaze me how creative ppl can be in tough situations. Good shit bro

  3. AyeKe Ramsey says:

    I love how grateful Bunkie is ..!!!

  4. MASONS R SCUM says:

    I Like this bunky. His responses r just like the ones u would get from a bunky.

    Bringing back BID VIBES. Everyone who makes it out, remember it makes u SO MUCH STRONGER IN LIFE. STAY Free and god bless MY DUDE

  5. soldier3335 says:

    These guys are hilarious. Some of what they make actually looks pretty good, but I think I will stick to real pies on the outside

  6. Cameron Calhoun says:

    The fact that every video mans stays true to the vibe an feel of what it’s like having to ‘ cook ‘ for yourself in jail/prison with nothing but the lil bit of options they give you for commissary. What really does it for me is when he chops it up with his celly first while showing the bunks cause it fr fr looks like that minus all the blankets and the firm mattress

  7. T Brown says:

    I’m learning that if I just have powdered creamer and sandwich cookies then I can damn near make anything! These recipes took a lot of trial and error, I can appreciate that effort.

  8. C-Beezy says:

    What I’ve learned from this guy is that every Jailhouse Style meal looks like a bunch of slop but apparently taste really good

  9. Let’s chat says:

    This makes me sad yet it’s so cool how creative you get when you have no choice and I love how he always shares.

  10. Kenny Jamison says:

    As a jailhouse chef myself. Me and you both know that sprite was not necessary. Lol keep doing ya thing though bro💯💯💯

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