This Fortnite Skin is Pay to Win…

This Fortnite Skin is Pay to Win…

This NEW Battle Pass Skin is Pay to Win…
Use Code “DAG” in the Item Shop to support me! (Epic Partner)

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29 Responses

  1. Dagwummy says:

    We’re less than 100 subscribers away from 400k! Please sub for more Fortnite videos 🙂

  2. Yo Boi says:

    Epic: “due to an issue, we have taken away Erisa’s kneecap privileges”

  3. Dagwummy says:

    Try this before it’s patched and let me know how it goes!

  4. Aysen Ilme says:

    Epic: “Due to a recent bug. All battle pass skins are removed for a time”

  5. Kylin Montgomery says:

    For this we temporarily remove future battle pass skins🤣

  6. Skyz Flxshy says:

    Epic 1 minute later: “Due to an issue, we have disabled Erisa’s ability to walk, jog, sprint and run”

  7. Dan Conway says:

    I think they should have perks on skins, like this for example. However for this advantage you lose something else such as damage amount or speed. might make things more interesting

  8. Daily dose of my Meme Machine says:

    Epic: due to a bug we have removed Erisa’s feet

  9. Eimer Hegel says:

    “Visual sound effects”
    Proof that you can see sound

  10. Jackjackanth says:

    The pickaxe takes longer to take out because they spin so it’s overpowered but it also has a disadvantage

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