“This guy used my dad’s death as entertainment.” – Leon Edwards on Colby Covington 🏆 🇬🇧 🇯🇲 #UFC296

“This guy used my dad’s death as entertainment.” – Leon Edwards on Colby Covington 🏆 🇬🇧 🇯🇲 #UFC296

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53 Responses

  1. @Riles3152 says:

    I can’t even imagine the type of internal fortitude and strength it took to stay composed to execute a game plan against the guy who would say something so unthinkably cruel about your deceased father, just to sell a fight. Edwards has all of my respect.

  2. @Turtlemannnn90 says:

    There’s something heartbreaking about seeing one of the most dangerous men in the world almost break down crying in regards to the comments made about his father being murdered. It’s the fight game but comments like that are just unacceptable. Colby lost a ton of respect not only from his performance but also from his comments.

    • @JonathanGonzalez-jz4td says:

      And lost all his fans including Donald trump !

    • @ashishdayal7560 says:

      Tons of fans too ,n why he keep pointing out on Donal Trump , that ain’t to political rally , that’s your time to get the belt back

    • @vc9416 says:

      True, not only he lost fans, but he doubled up during the cage interview like a robot, honestly I feel pity for the guy.

    • @user-rn2yt8mr1p says:

      Yep especially when guy is an act and people say that is defense of comment. 😂😂😂 Kidding me, worse he went off his memorized script to insult dudes dead dad. Dude fought 4 times in 5 years and lost 3 needs all attention he can get

    • @billywalendom says:

      Colby’s card for avoiding any heat “I’m just selling the fight but Im such a great person”. His fans have to reassure everyone a thousand times

  3. @rypb16 says:

    Leon is a true champion. He didn’t take the bait. He stayed composed and got the job done. He also showed that he’s a true mixed martial artist. Very well rounded mentally strong fighter.

  4. @BonesBones-qx9jd says:

    Leon is so humble, he even stopped his corner from making a drama in the ring. Didn’t insult Colby but just facts for saying he’s a terrible human being.

  5. @Romeoz06 says:

    Seeing Colby get outclassed was money well spent.

  6. @elijahtchilembe-mpovie2715 says:

    Colby embarrassed himself in front of the whole world.

  7. @coops1227 says:

    So happy for Leon

  8. @slash10170 says:

    And with that, Colby cements his legacy as the guy that stuttered through pressers and never got it done, no more free title shots 😎

    • @slash10170 says:

      @@onward8231 already heard what Usman said about Colby and I don’t really see how that changes anything I said here

    • @Hartlehh says:

      @@slash10170what did Usman say mate?

    • @slash10170 says:

      @@Hartlehh in some previews with Jon anik usman praised Colby for making (usman) push himself to a higher level and was grateful for their fights (or something to that affect) it’s a really ‘styles make fights’ situation tho, we all saw Colby unable to adapt his style in any meaningful way like usman did in the first Leon title shot

    • @pavlovsdogman says:

      Yeah I’m sick of guys and women getting screwed financially while other less talented people get in the way!

    • @KingIvanGil says:

      Colby vs Usman 3 winner gets a title shot

  9. @Eduardo-xl8hu says:

    I stood awake until 5 am for this, and even though the fight was a bit disaapointing, seeing edwards beat him was amazing. Good beats evil

  10. @magicsaint says:

    “A dirty human being”. Way to keep it simple and factual about Colby. Pure class shown by Leon by keeping his composure.

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