This Hurricane Season Is About To Go Nuts…

This Hurricane Season Is About To Go Nuts…

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In this video we are talking about the record breaking sea surface temperatures in the Atlantic, El Nino, and their influence on this upcoming peak hurricane season…

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Hurricane Season Update: 4:22
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35 Responses

  1. Ryan Hall, Y'all says:

    Use code YALL50 to get 50% off your first Factor box at !

  2. CAPE 1500j/kg says:

    The weather channel has really strayed from what they used to be, now they have reality shows on, even during weather events. You guys have been my go to this year.

    • Edgar Hartman says:

      Weather channel pushing climate change 🤣

    • Eagle059 says:

      @Edgar Hartman Yeah, once I saw them politicizing weather, I turned the channel on them. No weather channel for me.

    • Steve Avant says:

      And the weather channel likes to keep fear and other propaganda stirred up. I don’t pay them much attention anymore whereas I was once a Weather Channel junkie.

    • Jamie Cloud says:

      ​@Edgar HartmanI know, every other statement out of their mouth is “climate change.” It’s so boring at this point, I just change the channel.

  3. Randi G says:

    Ryan one huge difference for us between being hit by both Irma and Ian was you. We were not terrorized by sensational weather reporting for Ian because we had your channel and I can never thank you enough🙏🏻

    • Pam Wood says:

      I believe they try to scare people on purpose 😢 Ryan tells it like it is. If Ryan says I need to prepare for severe weather in my area, I prepare.

    • Hayley Russell says:

      @Pam Wood+
      Too be fair it is a pretty good strategy for evacuation purposes. If you’re in an area where you could be severely affected by a hurricane it’s best to leave as soon as you can so that everyone in the area also has a chance to evacuate. Proper management, informing people and getting them out of harm’s way saves lives.

    • Randi G says:

      @Pam Wood absolutely

    • IDA Evans says:

      And we can command the weather just like JESUS did !

    • ArcherBowman says:

      Ryan says “Thank you!” 🤣

  4. Laura T says:

    Not just a weather forecast, Ryan gives us a meteorological science class w/every video. No rain today, but iphone shows flood watch for most of the NE until Mon. Stormy summer, now hurricanes. Be prepared, y’all.😮⛈️🌎

  5. Teqzyy says:

    Let’s appreciate everything he does for us, thank you Ryan

  6. Jeff Valentine says:

    I had NO idea water temps were approaching 100° in Florida. Holy crap!! Thanks for informing us with all of this, Ryan. Keep up the good work!

    • Nikki Horner says:

      ​@Bill GringoI don’t live in Florida anymore so I don’t pay attention to it, it’s still good to know. 🤷🏻‍♀️

    • psynurse says:

      ​@Bill Gringoyeah and we go check out that Data for the heck of it. NASA tracks solar storms but I don’t go daily to track, I count in hearing it from the news…. I had no idea ocean temps would be that elevated either so perhaps being a bit kinder to posters. We don’t know everything like u.

    • ZuZu 24 says:

      The Gulf was sooo warm a few days ago.

    • Jeff Hallel says:

      Normal high temps at Lake Okeechobee or the Gulf of Mexico is 85 degrees. Hurricanes are actually powered by the conversion of water to steam. A gallon of water on your stove will yield about 2,000 gallons of steam. So if a water temp of 85 degrees can produce a cat 5 hurricane higher temps could be a disaster.

    • peg'S says:

      It does not sound very refreshing.

  7. Theresa Beck says:

    Ryan Hall is the only weather person I watch and trust. He is always on point with what’s coming . I have friends and family across the states that watch him now . Keep up the great work Ryan, we’d be lost without you !

  8. Harmony At Home says:

    I’m 37 years old and live in South Louisiana. I have to say that most people I know stay in a heightened state of alertness during hurricane season. They are very unpleasant surprises. I am just so grateful at how advanced forecasting has become. Thankful for people like you who pay attention and relay the data in relatable ways so we can be better prepared. Hoping for a quiet year 🤞🏼

  9. TryHardNoodles says:

    The weather this year has been getting absolutely crazy! I’m just hoping these people are safe.

  10. kelliem10 says:

    Thank you Ryan from the Gulf Coast in SE Louisiana. We appreciate all that you do. Prayers for everyone on the Coasts. 🙏❤🙏

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