100 Days Ago I Built an Ecosystem, This Happened

100 Days Ago I Built an Ecosystem, This Happened

#ecosystem #wildlife #terrarium

Scorpions, Jumping Spiders, Millipedes and so much more! Over the past 100 days, I documented a little chunk of the forest. Watch as it transforms from a barren wasteland into a thriving ecosystem!

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31 Responses

  1. Pucle says:

    I love how even with a million subs you still heart comments and care

  2. RAWWFishing says:

    That’s CRAZY Man!! We need more videos

  3. Jy F. says:

    The footage you’re able to capture on your own is just stunning

  4. Ruxcy says:

    The way you make the weather simulate in that tiny tank is so cool and also trying to balance the ecosystem with multiple species, Bravo!

  5. Secret says:

    This guy does short videos but really interesting and I can just imagine how much work and dedication he puts for these videos

  6. Wheezer Productions says:

    I feel like I went on a journey through nature. This felt like a documentary.

  7. AJT CH4N says:

    This is one of your best videos
    It’s so beautiful how plants and animals can grow so fast
    Save the planet!!

  8. Wade Phipps says:

    The fact that this is on YouTube and not something like National Geographic is insane. Top tier quality.

  9. Kate says:

    This was just so intriguing! I so appreciate the time and effort you put into creating each and every eco system. I completely understand that it takes time to deliver such quality videos. Just know I’m here for each and every one you upload. Many thanks for your superior content. Much ❤ and support from Australia 🇦🇺

  10. Isaac Robertson says:

    You are a master of your craft. The terrarium alone is unbelievably entertaining, mixed with the shots you get, pace of story and atmosphere is truly inspiring

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