This Is What Happens When You Elect a Psychopath as City Mayor – Cities: Skylines II | Ad

This Is What Happens When You Elect a Psychopath as City Mayor – Cities: Skylines II | Ad

I think every citizen in my city is as unhappy as they can be, and that’s JUST THE BEST.
Pre-order now and get ready to torment some simulated lives!


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This Is What Happens When You Elect a Psychopath as City Mayor – Cities: Skylines II


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More about Cities: Skylines II (from Steam):

If you can dream it, you can build it.
Raise a city from the ground up and transform it into the thriving metropolis only you can imagine. You’ve never experienced building on this scale. With deep simulation and a living economy, Cities: Skylines II delivers world-building without limits.

Lay the foundations for your city to begin. Create the roads, infrastructure, and systems that make life possible day to day. It’s up to you – all of it.

How your city grows is your call too, but plan strategically. Every decision has an impact. Can you energize local industries while also using trade to boost the economy? What will make residential districts flourish without killing the buzz downtown? How will you meet the needs and desires of citizens while balancing the city’s budget?

Your city never rests. Like any living, breathing world, it changes over time. Some changes will be slow and gradual, while others will be sudden and unexpected. So while seasons turn and night follows day, be ready to act when life doesn’t go to plan.

An ever-expanding community of Builders means more opportunities to build a truly groundbreaking city with mods. They’re now more easily available in Cities: Skylines II.

The most realistic and detailed city builder ever, Cities: Skylines II pushes your creativity and problem-solving to another level. With beautifully rendered high-resolution graphics, it also inspires you to build the city of your dreams.
Deep simulation
AI and intricate economics mean your choices ripple through the fabric of the city. Remember that as you strategize, problem-solve, and react to change, challenges, and opportunities.
Epic scale, endless possibilities
Cities: Skylines II lets you create without compromise. Now you can build sky-high and sprawl across the map like never before. Why not? Your city is you.
Cities that come alive
Your decisions shape each citizen’s life path, a chain of events that defines who they are. From love and loss to wealth and wellbeing, follow their life’s ups and downs.
A dynamic world
Pick a map to set the climate of your city. These are the natural forces you’ll negotiate to expand your city amid rising pollution, changeable weather, and seasonal challenges.

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30 Responses

  1. Let's Game It Out says:

    What makes the beautiful town of Sadula the best place to live in the world? Wrong answers only.

  2. Not Just Bikes says:

    This is the fine content I’m here for.

    Hrmm …would I rather live in Fake London or Sadula? Tough call.

  3. Robert Brown says:

    After traveling across the United States, I can confidently say this is Josh’s most realistic video to date. Nobody has captured 20+ years of municipal government work in an abridged form quite like him.

    • ThePaleomancer says:

      Right? “I could go with wind turbines… or I could go with a coal power plant! … I hope they like polluted groundwater!” That’s just your average US city.

    • gubb73485 says:

      Penn and New Jersey in a nutshell.

    • saraphin says:

      Also traveling thro the US and there are pockets of goodness through out. You can kinda slam on them , but there is a real goodness there. At the end of the day, there are good people out there. It’s kinda hard because it is not sexy, but they are there.

    • cccbbbaaa110 says:

      @ThePaleomancertoo bad bill gates is still flying in private jet. Unlucky country.

    • Frozone says:

      @ThePaleomancerflint Michigan moment

  4. Tim Woods says:

    Went from watching City Planner Plays start a city: professional, diligent, thorough.
    Straight to Let’s Game It Out: a chaotic spaghetti bowl of ten thousand roads with a horizon of fire in the distance.
    The true extremes of the gamer experience.

  5. Shie 'Tar says:

    On the one hand, I know Josh is trying to make these videos as crazy as possible for our entertainment … On the other hand, I’m pretty sure I ‘ve been to that exact city.

  6. Javier Sole says:

    Who could be better to give early access to a game than Josh 😅

  7. Tysen Boyd says:

    It’s always a good century when LetsGameItOut uploads.

  8. DerpyGreenViking says:

    Every new video that comes out just makes me want a pain-inducing contest between Josh and Valefisk.

  9. a random tire says:

    When Josh takes a little longer than usual to upload, it means it’s a good video

  10. Logan says:

    I always get anxious when Josh doesn’t upload in a while. I just know he’s causing hilarious suffering.

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