This Storm Will Literally Hit Different…

This Storm Will Literally Hit Different…

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In this video we are talking about a very strange weather pattern that is developing. We’re looking at more severe weather, a heat wave, flash flooding, and even a potential hurricane in the Atlantic!
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Please refer to your local National Weather Service office to get the most reliable and up to date weather information as possible.

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37 Responses

  1. Ryan Hall, Y'all says:

    You’ll be amazed at what you can do with GrammarlyGO. Sign up and get 20% off Grammarly Premium at

  2. That Parker Kid says:

    I’m part of a first response storm damage assessment team and your videos have helped me stay ahead of the curve so many times. Thank you!

    • ANTICONspiracy Channel says:

      Thank you for all you do!! Prayers!

    • That Parker Kid says:

      ​@ANTICONspiracy Channel Thank you for your kind words, but the real heroes are the guys actually repairing the damage we assess (which I eventually want to be a part of).

      Our team is just engineers who get called out primarily after hurricanes to do sweeping searches of the area. We find the key damage spots and tell the crews what materials are needed so power can be restored quicker.

      I am grateful for the opportunity to help, but seeing the crews out there actually putting hammers to nails just makes me feel bad that I’m not doing more.

    • Sha C says:

      I saw a car today for the first time that’s used for natural disasters. It was just a regular car advertising what it’s used for. I live in NE Florida

    • elwalther21 says:

      @That Parker Kid I hope you have a personal voltage tester, I did the same thing. Some sketchy situations with down power lines.

    • Concerned friend. says:

      You should come out to Tulsa. It’s absolute carnage right now. City has declared state of emergency.

  3. signalfire 6 says:

    I’ve been watching weather reports for 70 years. This is BY FAR the best weather reporting I’ve ever seen; both professionally done, educational and entertaining. Good job, Ryan and Team.

  4. says:

    Ryan you & the team are amazing at helping everyone be prepared for these crazy storm! Thank you to all of you that are keeping us weather aware!

  5. Jess says:

    This channel is exactly what YouTube needs. Being from the Midwest and at the Ozarks during Joplin…knowing people who lost everything…
    Mother nature is scary and if this channel existed at that time, lives could have been saved. You, Andy and the Y’All squad are phenomenal and I’m sure you’ve saved countless lives already. The squad does a wonderful job educating your viewers. I tune in even when my area is not at risk — your coverage is thorough and fascinating.
    I try to pass it forward when I’m able to, but I’m down on my luck. Will be sure to Dono to the squad in the future! Keep it up.

    • derp derpin says:

      weird when you can just use your own local radar station and it’s immensely more accurate for your area. this guy hyperbolizes every single weather system that ever pops up.

    • The Dream Traveler says:

      He literally hyped up Bret by talking about how it could possibly hit the US, showing animated graphics of it going to and hitting the US as a scenario where there’s ZERO threat to the US from Bret right now. He’s literally a hypemonger and is part of why some people don’t take meteorologists seriously anymore

    • Thunder Dove says:

      Something besides Mother Nature is going on here with all the anomalies–every single week, devastating crops, infrastructure and people’s minds.

    • Daren says:

      Western MARYLANDER here! My father, a former US Naval officer and scientist used to take us on sailing trips on the Chesapeake Bay! Sailors have a great saying “I cannot change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails!” If stormy weather is heading your way , Batten Down the Hatches!” And “Wishing you a Happy Voyage Home!” GO NAVY! ⚓⛵🌅⛵⚓🥰🤗

  6. Bak3d Gaming says:

    We left Florida when Ian hit being around 30 miles north of Tampa. Watching your videos got us out of here. Even my dad watches as a truck driver. It’s amazing what you guys do

    • SW says:

      You lived 30 miles north of Tampa? What happened from Ian. I live in Pinellas County. Ian scared us a crazy amount but it was mild in the end. Nicole was worse but not bad. I know Ian crossed the state but we were lucky and relatively unscathed. I’ve been to Ft Myers’s and the area, that damage was scary.

    • Bak3d Gaming says:

      @SW we got really lucky honestly. Not really much in the form of damage just a lot of branches a debris in our yard.

      Our area seemed to get spared

  7. Tom Amerman says:

    Ryan your video editing is insanely good. The viewing experience is superior. The best weather coverage on earth.

  8. Mrs. Alma Trumble says:

    Thank you for all you and the Y’all team do. Y’all saved our lives in April. Praying those who have been affected by the storms.

    • Bchbum says:

      May be 75° near Atl but the humidity will be about 90% thus itll be hot sticky humid and stormy..yea 4 more days migraines hate this..I will say this is the coolest over cast start to summer I can least the elect bills are some better. Thanx for your coverage

    • Tululah says:

      Oh so this is why I’ve gotten LIKE EIGHTY INCHES OF RAIN today.

    • God Fearing says:

      @Bchbum hi beach bum! I get migraines too from the barometric pressure as well! I feel your pain! What works the very best for me is Advil Cold and Sinus.. no generic! That drug plus my prescription migraine medicine helps prevent me from going to the ER for the “cocktail”!

    • Adam A says:

      Guess your prayers failed… Bunch of people died in storms last night

    • Bchbum says:

      @God Fearing thanx I’ve tried everything! The only thing that worked was Botox..but now no Ins so I suffer..I wouldn’t wish them on anyone! Thanx for your reply stay well and blessed! 🙏🙏

  9. Daniel Garity says:

    I work for a flood damage home restoration company, and I’m always telling them ahead of time when it’s gonna be a wet week because of this channel. You’re the best out there man!

    • Eastern Kentucky Independent News says:

      Too bad we didn’t have any teams like this in Kentucky last year. Some of us are still struggling to survive after the flood took everything we own

  10. Jean Hiebert says:

    Hope you’re feeling better! I depend on the RHY team to know what’s happening around the country. Thank you for teaching me so much about weather patterns and storms

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