THOR LOVE AND THUNDER Trailer Breakdown! Every EASTER EGG & Marvel Connection You Missed!

THOR LOVE AND THUNDER Trailer Breakdown! Every EASTER EGG & Marvel Connection You Missed!

Thor: Love and Thunder’s First trailer is here! We break down every Marvel easter Egg and Avengers reference, and talk about the movie’s role in the larger cinematic universe. Also, we explain how Jane Foster got Mjolnir, the political situation on New Asgard, and the origins of the villain, Gorr the God Butcher/ Gorr’s sword is an ancient evil that actually connects to Venom’s origin, so you never know–this movie might be connected to Spider-Man: No Way Home more directly than we think.

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Written and Hosted by Ryan Arey (
Edited by Harriet Lengel-Enright, Sean Martin, and Srinidhi Rao
Research by Srinidhi Rao (

#ThorLoveAndThunder #Trailer #EasterEggs

I am so excited about this movie. Thor Ragnarok is my favorite MCU film, I love the comics this movie is based on, and can’t wait to share what we noticed with you guys.

We begin with the opening guitar notes of Guns and Roses, sweet child of mine. Which is a perfect choice when you break down the lyrics and apply their meaning to Thor’s journey.

She’s got a smile that it seems to me / Reminds me of childhood memories /Where everything was as fresh as the bright blue sky

Doug: sky…sky. This is because Thor didn not have responsibilities when he was a child, and he’s trying to recapture those days by going into retirement. And we also see him as a child which I’ll get into a bit later.

Next lyric: Now and then when I see her face / She takes me away to that special place / And if I stared too long I’d probably break down and cry –

So he’s wistful for when times were better. His planet is gone, most of his avengers friends are dead or gone. And He misses Jane

Her hair reminds me of a warm, safe place / Where as a child I’d hide
And pray for the thunder and the rain to quietly pass me by –

His old hair has returned to the era when he lived in a warm safe place. In the past he relied on his power as a thunder god–when people would pray for him to spare them from his storms. So in his mind, his fair is tied to his heyday as a god.

And the bridge of the song is just Axel repeating where do we go–and that’s where This is in this. He seems to want to break away from the guardians–because he’s not getting the love from them that he needs [clip, not me].

He has no idea what to do with his life. He’s still in the middle of a rebellious stage and he has to grow up.

So let’s get into this trailer. We open with young Thor. as we saw him in the flashback of Thor 1, running through the woods to show him growing up. This might be a kind of dream Thor is having, of him racing through his life. The next Thor is him a s ateenager, dressed in his comic accurate Jack Kirby costume, from his first appearance. Ragnarok was incredibly loyal to Jack Kirby’s designs for the character, lifting enture panels of Kirby comics for the art design. And this trailer has Kirby written all over it.

If you remember, old loki played by richard grant was wearing a comic accurate costume as well. Which is interesting. Maybe thor and loki actually dress like this as teenagers, and old loki was just reverting to his original clothing.

And then the running ends with how he dresses in the first Thor movie, with shoulder length hair.

Now in the next one we jump much further forward, intimate to Thor’s final costume. He’s wearing what looks like leather with fur shoulder pads–more like what he would have worn among norsemen when his godhood was in its heyday. I’ll talk about this scene later in the trailer.

First, a little note on the comics these are based on. This story is based on a couple different comic runs, but the main one was written by this guy Jason Aaron. He wrote a 100 issue long, episc story that I recommend highly to you. The story shows him in ancient Norway, partying with humans as a young man.

The key villain in the arc is an alien named Gorr the god butcher. Tl dr on him is that he prayed to the gods to save his family, they didn;t, and he acquired super powerful aliens words that allowed him to go through the cosmos killing gods.

There’s a lot more to it than that, but that’s all you have to know for now.

Then we see him burying Stormbreaker like a tree, and going off to meditate. Very appropriate, since the handle originally came from a talking tree groot

There are a couple of runes etched on the side of Stormbreaker. We can see the runes for Ay-wahz (M), symbolizing horses or transportation, GIH-bo (X) for gift, Hagalats (N) for hail, Thoor-ee-sahts for Thor, Teevaz for the warrior god Tyr, and possibly an Othala symbolizing inheritance.

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55 Responses

  1. ScreenCrush says:

    What did you think of the trailer?

    • Krish dalmia says:


    • Mary Ham says:

      I think it was cool a trailer I’m freaking excited. What was up with Natalie Portman’s arms?! Are they real or prosthetics? Holy mama!

    • Teddo Ichiban says:

      If Asgardians need Odin’s blood to have powers, doesn’t that mean Heimdall might be a son of Odin?

    • Big Huge says:

      Truth be told, I think I reached my saturation point with Marvel. It was a great ride all the way through to Endgame but everything after that movie feels like The Simpsons television show; something that didn’t know when to conclude when they were at the top of their game. This trailer did absolutely nothing for me but make me wince, especially the Ragnarok-type level of humor. It simply feels old. The visuals are nice but still, the scene with the floating city is reminiscent of Avatar’s floating rocks and Bioshock Infinite’s Columbia.

  2. David Emanuel Rosini says:

    I love the trailers like this that don’t tell us too much but get us so excited for the movie.

  3. Ryan Jay Morata says:

    Stones are mostly gamma.
    Means reality stone could give Jane Foster a Cancer, because it literally went inside her body.
    Maybe she’s looking for Thor and needed help, but when she got into New Asgard his not there, and only the broken hammer. When she’s near the hammer it rearranged back to the way the hammer was and flew to Jane and deemed her worthy to use the hammer.

    • Josh Brosh says:

      @Alix Harper its not stupid its a smart idea

    • Alix Harper says:

      @Josh Brosh new spell by Zeus? That’s kinda stupid tho.

    • 70x6 says:

      @Ryan Jay Morata cap died after endgame they said it in the falcon and the winter soldier

    • Ryan Jay Morata says:

      Hmm, if you think about it, yes there’s cap, but he’s old now(but still worthy).
      Anybody can lift the hammer if they’re worthy (Like Vision).

      I think the shattered hammer is still in pieces, because nobody can lift it so the pieces are stuck on the ground in new Asgard, that’s why they built some kind of museum display for tourist to visit. Much like what happened in the first Thor movie in new mexico.

    • Josh Brosh says:

      @FireJach simple explanation
      Shes wielding the hammer that was broken by hela which the spell probably broke
      The one cap wielded was from the past and still had the spell
      Thats an eazy explanation why she wields it with a new spell put on by zeus
      Now idk if theyd go that route

  4. Gtube *& says:

    I’m very intrigued as to where Thor will be at the end of this movie. Looks like the journey will be epic and fun.

    • Prince Vecheetah says:

      Until Gor butchers everyone

    • Stephen Peter Saul says:

      Surely there’s a third Taika Waititi Thor movie to be made? It’s such an unexpected, magical and perfect blend of sensibilities it would be crazy for there not to be an unofficial trilogy? Sort if in the same spirit as The Three Flavours Cornetto Trilogy?

    • okcali says:

      passing the torch to natalie. She’s an excellent actress so hopefully she can carry this bad idea but, i’m concerned her ego might be a bit big.

    • Gtube *& says:

      @Chase Young why would she emasculate him ?

    • Gtube *& says:

      @KovuGames like, we had two Loki’s and one Thor in Thor’s timeline. There was only one Thor between two Loki’s. One dies, one goes to TVA. Thor cries. So… My understanding was if you have two Loki’s there should have been a version of Thor for that Loki. But we only had one.

  5. JordanDilla says:

    You never disappoint. Stretching a small teaser of 90” into a solid 18 minute explanatory video, without giving the feel you’re milking it.

  6. KingDaddyGoat says:

    I still think there’s still things Marvel is hiding… I don’t want to believe this delay for the trailer was anything BUT this movie will have secret implications for the plot that pass over from “Multiverse of Madness” but that’s just my opinion! Awesome breakdown as always from you & Doug!!!

    • Tanarius Manning says:

      @Viswanath R he isn’t complaining, he is simply stating that the release date for the teaser was pushed back because it will have things from Multiverse of Madness that they would like to keep secret, he isn’t complaining about anything and he even said great breakdown

    • Viswanath R says:

      If they had revealed everything you would be also complaining about that.

    • Jivika c says:

      This is not trailer but teaser and you r right, there’s a rumor that variants of Thor will be seen. One even got hinted in the teaser.

    • Raiderhorn says:

      You mean to tell me that you think there’s still more than 71 things ScreenCrush noticed in this minute and half trailer? Good lord!

    • Tanarius Manning says:

      same, they planned this out, there is no way that taiki wasn’t able to film in the almost 4 years given him, thats why alot of people don’t like Morbius, it was done 3 years ago but they needed to wait until after no way home

  7. David Emanuel Rosini says:

    Seeing Thor and the Guardians in a movie together is really something to look forward to.

    • channel name says:

      @Brother Indy 20 minutes is good enough for me

      And I think they will appear at the end of the movie too.

    • Bonzo says:

      @Seek Him with all your heart and you will find Him Repent to this ratio

    • The Lone Creator says:

      I make Marvel and DC gadgets, my latest project is MOON KNIGHT’s unlimited crescent darts 😅 hope you like it 😁

    • Brother Indy says:

      It probably won’t be for long. Seemingly dropped Thor and Korg off pretty early on.

    • Seek Him with all your heart and you will find Him says:

      Repent to Jesus Christ
      “for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God, and all are justified freely by his grace through the redemption that came by Christ Jesus.”
      ‭‭Romans‬ ‭3:23-24‬ ‭NIV‬‬

  8. Khang Ho says:

    In the comics, Jane fights breast cancer while Thor is off sparring with Gorr the God Butcher, which leaves her weak. But as soon as she lifts Mjolnir she’s instantly restored to health and granted all of Thor’s powers, as she is judged truly worthy. However, Mjolnir keeps purging the chemo from her system, constantly regressing the cancer.

  9. Ricardo Landeros says:

    Thor: Saves half the universe
    Gorr: “Gods cause nothing but trouble”

    • Shumayel Khan says:

      Gorrs comic book back story explains all

    • William Bell says:

      @xuxon24 True but one could apply the same logic to say Gorr might not know (Or care) about Thor’s role in Endgame.
      If Gorr has any understanding of IW-EG, what he knows and how he will read that information will be skewed in the way that casts Thor in the worst possible light, because that is the direction that will heighten the drama and drive the conflict. Same as Yelena and Barton.

    • xuxon24 says:

      @William Bell I really doubt that a lot of what happened in the infinity movies is well known. Just look at yelena, she didn’t knew exactly what happened to Natasha.

    • William Bell says:

      Also Thor: Let his own desire for personal vengeance Get in the way and allow problem to happen.

      Which do you think Gorr would see?

  10. ScarletDevilCirno says:

    Curious if Loki will make a brief appearance, like maybe in an after credit scene. Possibly give Thor or Jane a heads up about Kang

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