Tom Brady on 2022 Season, Thanks Bucs Fans | Postgame Press Conference

Tom Brady on 2022 Season, Thanks Bucs Fans | Postgame Press Conference

Quarterback Tom Brady spoke to the media on Monday following the Wild Card Round vs. the Dallas Cowboys.

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34 Responses

  1. Peyton Long says:

    He’s seems very relieved that he literally can make any decision he wants now whether sign else where or retire and get paid a whole lot to commentate, all I can really say is thank you Tom been a fan my whole life literally since I was aware of what was going on nothing will compare for me what he’s done the past two decades

  2. Brenda Holiday says:

    Tom is such a class act! Can’t wait to see 80 for Brady!

  3. Roland Woltman says:

    Over 100 TDs passing in just three years… and a Super Bowl win.

    Thank you Tom.

    Tampa Bay will always love you and what you stand for. *Much Appreciated!!!*

    • Fred Werza says:

      Brady is the GOAT but he needs to mean what he says — so when he retires, then STAY RETIRED

    • Adam Gunn says:

      Amen to that!

    • guy sumpthin says:

      @John Mcdowell you’ve probably got him mixed up with aaron rodgers , rodgers did admit on video pregame that he “intentionally over-inflates the balls, and see if they catch it”. The booth announcer even talked about it during the game. Somehow: no 4 game suspension, no million dollar fine , no lost draft pic . Still waiting for a response from goodell…. As for tom , no proof at all , possibly air temp drop ?

    • Russell Neher says:

      @John Mcdowell  please give one example of how he cheated. And I hope you don’t bring up deflating balls since that was actually debunked in February in fact they lied about it. It’s actually a fact you can look it up all you want. And then you’re probably going to try and bring up Spygate which the Jets did to the Patriots in that season and never got reprimanded for it. That was the biggest joke I’ve ever seen. And I actually hate the Patriots. But I’m not a sore loser I can recognize greatness when I see it.

    • STMARTIN009 says:

      @John Mcdowellyou are so salty 😂🤣😅

  4. Ken Texican says:

    Tom Brady made a lot more people start watching NFL Football and for sure made a lot more people start watching Bucs football. 46 years old … NO WAY? How that happens in this day in age … just amazing.

    • Mr. Erik Chun says:

      A liberal attacking a white man Smh. What about the hood black dudes in the league. If I wanted to see ghetto on tv I’d watch BET

    • Fred Werza says:

      Brady made people watch football but he also tarnished the game in many ways — SpyGate, Deflate-Gate, and those sideline temper tantrums — NOT CLASSY AT ALL

    • Evel Diaz says:

      There is a time and T. Brady made history in NFL. 46 years old will be during the next football season.

    • Paula Smith says:

      Not me I’ve been watching football longer than he spent playing so you know how old I am

    • Επαμεινωνδας Κοσμας says:

      He made a lot of people stop watching football too. Well, Goodell helped with that with all these fixed games. Ratings are down and they’ll never recover

  5. Rafael Roldan says:

    Thank you for everything Tom Brady! The G.O.A.T.

  6. John Martinez says:

    What a class act!! Just amazing that he’s 45 years old drafted in the 6th round all his accomplishments and still playing at a high level. What a GOAT and this is coming from a Cardinals fan. So whatever he decides to do it’s been fun to watch….

  7. MMA FIGHTS says:

    Tom Brady has blessed the bucs franchise with his presence and leadership and literally brought a superbowl to the city of tamba bay. I never thought i would see this man play for any team but the patriots, he turned the bucs culture around and even though the bucs have struggled the last two postseasons, the decision to leave the patriots and move to tamba bay with gronk in 2020 led to his 7th super bowl ring. He is also leaving a talented team behind and didnt destroy the teams assets in his 3 years with the team unlike another superstar i know(lebron lol). If the bucs can add a quality QB to lead this team and sprinkle a few pieces in free agency and the draft. This team will be right back in the playoffs in no time. Thomas Edward Patrick Brady Jr. You are not only the greatest quarterback to ever play the game, your the most competitive, most clutch, most durable, most invested hardest working greatest player all time in all of sports and 7 rings says it all. You have been a joy to watch. A 6th round pick 23 years ago became the GOAT! Thank you for the memories of watching you dominate the league for 22 seasons after taking over for an injured bledsoe in 2001. Winning a superbowl against my eagles still stings a bit but after nicky big dicky foles and the eagles washed the wound out a bit with a 41-33 win against the patriots in 2017. I dont hate you as much i respect you. So From NFL fans across the country. Thank you Tom Brady. I know your love for the game cost you your marriage and other things but your sons understand and love you and i hope one day you become their coach and who knows, maybe a future head coaching job in the league is waiting for you. Peace out TB12!

  8. David Willacy says:

    I’m a Packers fan and I must say that I have a tremendous amount of respect for Tom Brady and his attitude, and his desire to win. It’s sad but I can’t say that I have the same amount of respect for our Mr Rodgers after his display over the last 3 years, especially in clutch games.

  9. Lawrence Kramer says:

    Thank you Tom!!! Your winning mentality and leadership brought joy to all Buc fans!! You gave us a Super Bowl, shattered many records and is simply the best. I’m sorry, The G.O.A.T. Hearing your voice at the end, sounds like this is it for you. Whatever you do next, retire or go to a different team, THANK YOU!!!!

  10. Russ says:

    incredible respect for this man.. class act. I hope to see him play again next year with any team that’s best for him!! Carry on Tom, honestly can’t imagine the day that we won’t be able to watch you play ❤️

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