Tomahawk Cruise Missile Test

Tomahawk Cruise Missile Test

The legendary Tomahawk Cruise missile is a guided missile launched from warships or submarines, and here’s how the US Navy tests one of the most reliable and cost effective missiles in its arsenal.
The cost, reputation, and long range capacity make the Tomahawk perfect for training sailors in real-world combat scenarios. They cost about $1,5 to $1.8 million each, which sounds like a lot but actually is on the low end for missiles, especially when compared to hypersonic missiles that may cost up to $106 million each.
Despite being in service for almost 40 years, the Tomahawk is less susceptible to jamming than most cruise missiles, it can update its location in real time, and it can accurately attack from 1,500 miles away from targets with its high precision internal guidance system that provides accuracy to within 16 feet of its designated target.

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33 Responses

  1. Isaac Jensen says:

    That guy’s face at the end is probably our expression seeing a million dollars missile launching for the first time

  2. Dutchboy says:

    Love the look on the Sailor’s faces as the missile launches. I remember that feeling very well.

  3. Ezra Young says:

    “That may seem like a lot of money, but it’s just a little more than most people will make in a lifetime”

    • Nick H1999 says:

      @alex rogers well, they shoot them at bad guys. But the damn things make a big splash, so civilian casualties a certainly a thing

    • Kenny J says:

      That’s sad and sobering.

    • alex rogers says:

      @Nick H1999 Good thing they’re so versatile that they work on all the innocent civilians and bystanders we shoot them at too

    • Nick H1999 says:

      Well, it’s designed to take out much more valuable targets. Like grounded planes, tanks and other target. The fact that they have been used on dirt huts, was not it’s initial purpose.

  4. Jabol Master says:

    I mean 1.5m can get you atleast 5 tanks atleast 50 men and 3 afvs in just one blow so price per Performance is pretty good

  5. Thomas Robinson says:

    Man I’m retired military and I knew the Sword missile is old but I didn’t know the Tomahawk is 40 years old….now I feel old. Damnit.

  6. Lewis C says:

    “Especially when compared to hypersonic missiles…”. You’re kind of misleading your audience here. Hypersonics are a terrible choice to compare against because they’re such an outlier. Your video suggests that a Tomahawk is a mere 1% the cost of your average missile, which is very untrue.

    • IvorMektin Whores Dewormer says:

      Hypersonic is the new keyword that brings all the Russian bots to the chat.

    • Flying Dutchman says:

      Besides of that has the Russian with their high frequent electronic defense systems destroyed the most tomahawk misiles launched at Syria…
      The Russian cruise misiles are faster with a much larger range than the tomahawk misiles…

  7. YourAverageTenorPlayer🗿 says:

    That last dudes face when the missile launched 😅

  8. Frissdas1207 says:

    I still think it should have been called the “Tom-cruise; missle impossible”

  9. Lynx says:

    Please tell me they call it the Tom cruise

  10. Pablo Gall says:

    The missile knows where it is at all times, It knows this by knowing where it isn’t…

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